Mergers & Partnerships

The reality of today’s funding environment means social ventures are becoming less reliant on traditional public contracts and more emphasis is being placed on diversification of potential services and revenue streams. Analysing potential mergers and other forms of closer collaboration is an increasingly important function of management teams and boards.

Eastside Primetimers believes it is always better to proactively search and create the best deal, rather than reactively settle for an easier option. And our specialist focus on the not-for-profit sector means our Merger and Collaboration teams help more social ventures find the right partners, develop the right partnership platform and make more successful deals.

Our approach is unique to the marketplace and our process has been refined through the delivery of more than 50 projects. Eastside Primetimers’ pool of senior professionals is a unique resource and a very deep well of experience, wisdom and ability. We see the whole market and really understand what it takes to select and secure the right partners, get them to the negotiating table and push the deal across the line.

We have also produced the Good Merger Guide, outlining the stages of merger, and the Good Merger Index, a first of its kind look at merger activity in the sector.