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Community Integrated Care

“We were impressed with the way in which Eastside Primetimers worked closely with us, taking the time to understand our organisation and ensuring that the research they carried out into potential mergers aligned with our charity’s core vision and values. They facilitated initial discussions with the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency, enabling us to build a strong relationship with Life Opportunities Trust, and ultimately achieve a successful merger.”


Kate Sheridan, Chief Operating Officer

“We worked with the Eastside Primetimers team to try and find a new home for 3SC. Their team worked hard to understand our hopes and ambitions and to identify potential best fit organisations.  They were extremely pro-active in driving the process and keeping us updated as a Board. While we finished up finding a different solution without Eastside Primetimers involvement we would almost certainly have spent much time down rabbit holes, chasing unsuitable partners. Thank you.

John Swinney, Chair

“EP provide an extra team when we need it giving PACEY new ideas, skills, knowledge, and fresh thinking – particularly in development and growth areas. This gives the team confidence and reassurance in their own ideas and support to help us move from theory to practice. EP collaborates as a business partner and are careful to make sure that we own the solutions and recommendations.”

Liz Bayram, CEO
Gambling with Lives

“Juliette provided an astonishingly good service for us. Her level of competence, strategic thinking and dedication to our work was unparalleled. I would highly recommend her and EP’s offer to other social change organisations.”

William Prochaska, Strategy Director
Future Men

“We were more than satisified with the service from Eastside and particularly to have some a strong interim candidate who was a real asset to the charity.
We were delighted to have Jenny as Interim HR Director for Future Men and we benefitted from her expertise and professionalism.”

Sean Mcfadden, CEO

“As an added bonus, my leadership team has had hands-on practical experience of how to develop and deliver a strategy development process from the start to the end which has really enriched them and added value to the charity. They were supported by EP to learn and develop through the process and received bespoke coaching in a really wide variety of areas from impact measurement to change management to research methods and developing organisational values and behaviours which is just incredible.”

Ruth Marvel, CEO

“We were thrilled with Bernice’s work and advice. She was as excited as us to use the Be Applied ‘blind’ hiring platform to help debias our Board member recruitment and she just totally understood both our organisation and our needs, as well as being a fantastic source of advice on best practice as we went through the process, including the interview.”

Nicci Russell, Managing Director

“What I really liked about your approach it is that it wasn’t one size fit all. I really liked the idea you could pull together a project team that was bespoke to our requirements. Nobody else was offering that. Your model allowed you to have a lot of flexibility about the different expertise you brought to the project and meant the in-house team benefitted from working with experts in a really wide range of disciplines which was brilliant for their learning. I would thoroughly recommend this approach to others.”

Ruth Marvel, CEO

“I think you did loads and it was brilliant. As a result of this process I now have a compelling strategy that was co-created with our stakeholders and is helping to unite and inspire staff, supporters and the amazing DofE network behind a clear vision and set of goals.”

Ruth Marvel, CEO

“Bernice was amazing in her support and professional advice to us to recruit new board members; she was insightful and made the whole process simple and clear.”

Neil Tryner, Trustee
The Duke of Edinburgh's

“I have been really impressed with the service EP have offered us re: temp recruitment – Alice did a great job as interim fundraising director and was a real asset to our organisation in the time she was with us – thankyou!”

Caroline Glen, Director of Fundraising
Chanctonbury Community Leisure

“From the initial consultation through to the confirmation of support, the process was made incredibly smooth by Eastside Primetimers. The professional approach enabled CCL to successfully apply for an Access Reach Grant, which in turn provided the charity with the services of Eastside Primetimers consultant Mike Taylor. Mike proved to be extremely knowledgeable regarding our sector which greatly assisted in formulating the bid to CAF Venturesome. Despite the constraints brought about by the uncertainty surrounding the easing of lockdown and the associated impact of COVID-19, Mike produced a thorough short-to-medium-term strategic business plan for the charity, covering the multiple strands of our business and ensuring that relative sensitivities were applied throughout. This huge, and ultimately successful, piece of work was formulated and presented in a relatively short time-frame. Chanctonbury Community Leisure would like to pass on our thanks to Mike Taylor and Eastside Primetimers for their professional and expert assistance as well as their continued enthusiasm and support to see the aims of the Charity harnessed and achieved”

Andrew Dunstan, Operations Director and Trustee
Bowel Research UK

“Our new chair of the finance committee is proving a great find and I would like to thank Marlijn Wijkhuizen and the team at Eastside Primetimers for finding the candidates and guiding us through the process. It is unlikely that we would have found such a highly-qualified and committed individual who is passionate about what we do – it was definitely worth every penny and has given me a very different perspective on recruiting trustees”

Charles Mesquita, Trustee
Gambling with Lives

“Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Paul Venning helped Gambling with Lives to find and appoint a Head of External Affairs to our senior management team. They made sure they thoroughly understood our challenges, our strategic direction and the nuances of this role, and then produced a high-quality shortlist of candidates which allowed us to appoint an exceptional candidate who is the perfect fit for the charity and the role. I would thoroughly recommend Eastside Primetimers’ recruitment service to any organisation wishing to hire great candidates with the right skills and relevant experience”

Will Prochaska, CEO
British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

“Bernice and Paul quickly showed a real understanding of the environment and candidate we were looking for when recruiting for an Independent Chair of a new Governance committee. Their engagement with stakeholders was exceptional and ensured that the candidates they presented were of the highest calibre. Eastside Primetimers took what we thought was going to be a challenging role to recruit and made it successful”

Hadyn Williams, Chief Executive

“I was very impressed with the professionalism, responsiveness and focus of Eastside Primetimers generally and specifically the consultant leading the search. They had a very deep understanding view of the brief, were very responsive in dealing with questions about the process and the informal and formal interviews were friendly while being searching and thorough”

Paul Buckley, Independent Chair

“With Eastside Primetimers, we went from identifying the need for an interim Finance Director to finding a good candidate in a space of two weeks. Very high level of customer focus and they got it right for us”

Jeremy Hay, Chief Executive
Scleroderma and Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

“Excellent service, very much tailored to our needs and not the usual one-size-fits-all approach. I would highly recommend Eastside Primetimers’ recruitment service to others and in fact have already done so”

Sue Farrington, Chief Executive
NOAH Enterprise

“Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Paul Venning helped us to appoint two staff to our senior management team. Paul took the time to thoroughly understand our organisation, and also got to know each candidate well. EP’s consultant Julia Perry then carried out psychometric testing for shortlisted candidates for two senior roles. Having these detailed reports challenged the panel’s gut instincts about candidates, which made the process more inclusive, and gave us a deep understanding of each person. I would thoroughly recommend this service to any organisation wishing to gain deeper insight into individuals or groups of people”

David Morris, Chief Executive Officer
NOAH Enterprise

Eastside Primetimers recruitment consultant Marlijn Wijkhuizen was critical to helping us finding two new fundraising and HR trustees for our board, with a real dedication to work we do combatting poverty and homelessness, and did so at a time of growth and change for our organisation. I would thoroughly recommend this service”

David Morris, Chief Executive Officer
Victim Support

“Eastside Primetimers has supported Victim Support with a number of projects. For example, their consultant Rosie Chadwick provided support with some complex technical elements as part of a successful tender. Rosie made a vital contribution and we found her to be flexible, generous with her time and a brilliant support”

Simon Ketteridge, Business Development Director

“I thank Eastside Primetimers for the opportunity to work with their consultant Jim Brooks under the COVID-19 business continuity programme. We had productive meetings that I thoroughly enjoyed, and the support provided has left us in a great position regarding our budget forecast for the year. The options it opened up for us have brought us more into line with the staffing position of other charities, we are in the process of recruiting a bookkeeper and I have a better grasp of our financial position. A very timely intervention”

Cath Wakeman, Chief Executive Officer and Trauma Therapist
Asian Women's Resource Centre (AWRC)

“I would like to thank Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Carolyn Hay, who has written an excellent evaluation report for the AWRC. It is an excellent document and I look forward to circulating to Reaching Communities and quoting it for funding applications that I write going forward”

Sarbjit Ganger, Director
Doncaster Housing for Young People Limited

“Eastside Primetimers helped us with an application to Homeless Link for social finance, which will be transformational for us and the young people we support. The support and expertise that Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Catherine Grayson have provided has been absolutely superb. I hope there will be further opportunities for us to work together”

Stuart Shore, Chief Executive Officer
Age UK Islington 

“We engaged Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Julia Perry to deliver a bespoke Leadership Development Coaching Programme, during a period of change in our organisation. Julia’s experience as an accredited behavioural analyst enabled her to adapt her coaching style for the different personalities involved. I particularly valued the structure of the programme, which allowed four department heads to trust in the confidentiality of their individual sessions with Julia, while at the same time staying accountable to Age UK Islington as a whole”

Andy Murphy, CEO
Bowel Research UK

“After Bowel Cancer & Research and the Bowel Disease Research Foundation merged, we were looking for a new CEO with empathy for both organisations, but also the drive to make the merger successful. The insights we received from Eastside Primetimers consultant Julia Perry about our candidates were very useful. We thank her for going above and beyond, particularly taking the time to talk through the candidate profiles with our various stakeholders”

Paul Reynolds, Chair
Papworth Trust

“Eastside Primetimers’ consultant Linda Holland really helped us with our business continuity planning during the COVID-19 lockdown. She helped us to review what we had in place, and identify not only improvements we needed to make, but also how we needed to do it. I’m very grateful for the support – there are 17 people in my team and she facilitated the session really well. Thank you again, it has been incredibly helpful”

Sarah Miller, Chief Executive
River and Rowing Museum

“EP’s help in recruiting new trustees for The River and Rowing Museum was invaluable; testing (and improving) the trustee specification, identifying strong candidates and managing the process efficiently.  I recommend them!”

Howard Jacobs, Vice Chairperson
Bowel Research UK

“Following the merger of Bowel & Cancer Research and the Bowel Disease Research Foundation we needed to appoint a Chief Executive to the new organisation. There was a great deal of complexity within our organisations with which Eastside Primetimers were always helpful and patient. They came up with an excellent list of potential candidates from which we eventually appointed one. We are tremendously grateful to them”

Paul Reynolds, Chair

“Bernice was a fantastic support when we were recruiting our new Head of Fundraising. She took the time to really understand the role and how it would fit in with the organisation and as result we were presented with an excellent selection of quality candidates. Bernice was supportive throughout the whole recruitment process and I would highly recommend her services to other organisations.”

Jo Oxlade, Director of Business Development
Big Red Food Shed Ltd

“One of the best decisions we made was to commission an evaluation of our work. We hoped this would confirm our obvious successes and highlight areas needing improvement. We worked with Rosie Chadwick from Eastside Primetimers and the report which resulted has been an invaluable tool for us to use. We are able to use verified figures of achievement and production, hear third party opinions from our partnerships and real-time comment from our Volunteers. All of this really helps a small organisation like ours to progress with confidence.”

Julie Lowe, Managing Director

“Rosie Chadwick was challenging, insightful and inspiring. She helped us clarify the areas for improvement and celebrate the achievements. Her work discovered some of the more positive and unexpected benefits. Rosie was supportive and very clear in her feedback and working with her was a real pleasure”

Mick Carroll, Head of Coaching

“We experienced good partnership working with Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Nicky Stevenson, who has supported us over the past year with our evaluation and monitoring. With her help producing great reports, analysis and ideas, we are now able to show our value more effectively”

Cath Wakeman, Chief Executive Officer and Trauma Therapist
Malvern Special Families (MSF)

“Following a period of successful growth, MSF were faced with the challenge of replacing a highly experienced, long-standing CEO who relocated away from Malvern for family reasons. We asked Eastside Primetimers to take on a difficult recruitment brief to find a first class leader with strong strategic, operational and financial management experience, experience of working with children and families and/or people with disabilities, and a proven track record in fundraising. Not only did their specialist consultant Paul Venning find a great and varied shortlist, he also worked closely with two of our Trustees every step of the way, including accompanying them at shortlist candidates interviews in Malvern and onboarding the successful Chief Executive candidate”

Gareth Jones, CEO
Association of Air Ambulances Charity

“We worked with Eastside Primetimers on a difficult merger and were delighted with the process they used and with the final report.  They worked to a tight timetable that we imposed and met every deadline.  They fulfilled the brief we set and engaged with all of the people/organisations we recommended.  I would use them again and would definitely recommend them to other charities”

Liz Campbell, Chair
CAF Venturesome

“Action for Sick Children came to CAF Venturesome at a crossroads. We put them in touch with Eastside Primetimers to develop a robust plan for the future – they responded quickly, deploying consultants with the right skills and working closely with the charity. This led to a clear plan, enabling us to invest”

Lekan Ojumu, Investment Manager
N15 Development Trust - Wards Corner

“The work Kevin Davey and Eastside Primetimers have undertaken over the past year has been of immense value. The financial model he authored directly informed the programme and design of our proposal for Wards Corner and helped us explore the viability of different potential schemes. Kevin’s expertise has also proven invaluable in influencing the direction of our wider development strategy, something that has elevated our existing efforts and opened many new, exciting opportunities for the future”

David McEwan, Architect
Mechanics’ Institution Trust

“The support we received from Eastside Primetimers and Kevin Davey was incredibly valuable and enabled us to take a step back, be challenged, and review where we were as a heritage and community development organisation. In particular the decision support tool gave us the ability to test any set of financial variables we wanted. This created the chance for trustees to be empowered to discuss and debate different scenarios, then use the tool in real time. This process also showed us where we had upcoming weaknesses we needed to respond to by putting in place measures to build sustainability”

Daniel Rose, Former Chair
Foundation East

“We are very grateful for the support provided by the Eastside Primetimers team during the process of putting together of our 5 year strategic plan. The EP team was able to pull together a diverse team enabling us to benefit from their wide knowledge and skill base”

Katy Ford, Chief Executive
The Arvon Foundation

“David Lawrence has done a wonderful job as Interim FD for us at the Arvon Foundation. He had the right skills, knowledge and expertise to resolve many issues that Arvon was facing and his warm, charming personality made him a great cultural fit too. He was a great ambassador for Eastside Primetimers and I would not hesitate to use your services again, should the need ever arise”

Dr Judith Abbott, Trustee
Community Christmas

“Community Christmas were looking for the right organisation to partner with to take our concept to the next level, but we knew that we didn’t have the skills to do this ourselves. Working with Eastside Primetimers enabled us to explore possibilities that we would never have thought of in isolation and added a degree of professionalism and structure to the process. The support we received at all stages of the process was exceptional and everyone was a pleasure to deal with”

Caroline Billington, Chief Executive
Life Story Network

“I want to say a big thank you to Eastside Primetimers consultant Lisa Lucas. She was really good at keeping us on track focused and organised. She also was really flexible and supportive with our needs.  Her approach was fantastic coupled with her patience and knowledge.  She was a really calming and clarifying force through times of change”

Tom Hughes, Business Development Manager
Institute of Biomedical Science

“We really enjoyed working with Eastside Primetimers as we developed our three-year strategy. They quickly demonstrated they understood our needs and identified great consultants to work with us, who led us through the process and offered challenge when we needed it. Richard Litchfield and Jo Gratrick were highly knowledgeable and greatly skilled, and their input helped us achieve our goal of a strategy that is meaningful to our trustees, members and staff. I would have no hesitation recommending working with Eastside Primetimers and have engaged them again on another piece of work”

Jill Rodney, Chief Executive
Age Exchange

“We set out to find a partner that provided both the infrastructure we needed to grow and synergy in terms of values and ambition. Without the support of Eastside Primetimers we would never have approached Community Integrated Care, who ended up being the perfect partner. Eastside Primetimers’ initial research into potential partners was invaluable, and they have been professional, supportive and helped us to stay focused on our goals. This partnership will allow us to replicate the work we already do in our Blackheath centre all across the UK, dramatically increasing the number of beneficiaries we reach”

Rebecca Packwood, Chief Executive
Absolutely Leisure

“Eastside Primetimers consultant Neil Shearer assisted us with a strategy workshop – this workshop promoted us to revisit a previous piece of work from a different perspective. The outcome has been that we’ve developed an innovative new stream of business that has added 25% to our revenue. I think it’s safe to say that the strategy workshop proved a valuable investment in time and thinking”

Gregory Sinclair, Managing Director
Shak (South Hampstead and Kilburn Community Partnership)

“Working with Eastside Primetimers was very productive for us. They were professional, efficient and the process has resulted in four new board members and a plan to transform our governance, bringing extra capacity to develop the organisation and sustain benefit for our beneficiaries into the future”

John Boyle, Director
Providence Row

“We are a homelessness charity in East London and we recently brought in Eastside Primetimers consultant Mike Griffin to support us to update our data protection policies and procedures so they are in line with the new regulation (GDPR). We have greatly appreciated Mike’s knowledge and expertise on the subject, but also his ability to articulate recommendations in a clear, concise way. He takes the time to understand the organisation and provides very practical and pragmatic advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eastside Primetimers to any other organisation looking for data protection consultancy”

Nicola Robson, Marketing Manager
The Giving Machine

“From the start, the team from Eastside Primetimers took the time to really understand our current business model and social proposition in depth.  This led to the development of a revised marketing strategy and supporting business plan.  Funders and advisors who reviewed our plan were keen to point out the quality of the delivered plans and this was a crucial factor in securing our social funding in 2017.  Thank you Eastside Primetimers – if only every partner delivered to that quality!”

Richard Morris, Founder and CEO
Wave Leisure Trust

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Eastside Primetimers GDPR consultant Mike Griffin, he is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced within the field of GDPR and has eased our journey towards compliance”

Duncan Kerr, CEO
Wave Leisure Trust

“We want to be the best we can be and lead the way on key aspects within our sector, such as GDPR compliance. The Wave Team is positive about the required changes we have identified for compliance and by utilising the professional GDPR services of Eastside Primetimers, I have no doubt that we will successfully reach our objectives”

Duncan Kerr, CEO
Active Luton

“We are very grateful for the support provided by the Eastside Primetimers team – it is impossible to overstate how much the support has meant to us and how integral to our success it has been.  Being able to call upon such a supportive, knowledgeable, inspirational and patient group of people has been invaluable as our trust seeks to begin engaging with the public health agenda”

Helen Barnett, Chief Executive
Vision Redbridge

“The support that Eastside Primetimers provided first of all helped us to take time out to think about where we stood as an organisation and how we could move forward. It then led to us developing strategies and processes in a range of areas that will better position us to deliver new services and help us express our social value in our local community in Redbridge, in line with our values”

Iain Varah, Chief executive
North Norfolk Community Transport

“Working with Eastside Primetimers was instrumental to NNCT having a strong period of growth. The diagnostic their team performed helped us reflect on our needs and identify areas where we needed support, including governance  and sustainability. We have doubled in size, with more income from sustainable, longer-term contracts rather than grants. Their variety of consultants with different backgrounds, skills and ideas gave us access to their experience and to personal support on a peer basis”

Matt Townsend, former chief executive
Ecological Land Co-operative

“We found Eastside Primetimers and their consultant very good to work with. Our Big Potential project with them resulted in a detailed five-year business plan, agreed upon by our trustee board, which helped underpin our expansion through the share issue. For our current share issue we have been able to use the modelling tools to reflect on our progress and update our business plan”

Sonia Sinanan - Ecological Land Co-operative, Operations Manager
Project 6

“Eastside Primetimers consultant Dave Garratt was really helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. He managed to pull off a very comprehensive report in a short timescale for us”

Vicki Beere, Chief Executive

“Working with Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Helen Nott really helped us explore our idea. Developing the business case increased our understanding of our options, and a better grasp of social value and measuring it will help us to show our stakeholders the real impact of our work. Helen was flexible, great to work with and took time to really understand our needs and who we are. Her work to help us develop our branding and identity has been a real game changer”

Lesley Pollard, Managing Director

“Eastside Primetimers are a great organisation to work with. They very quickly demonstrated an understanding of Care4All’s requirements and then led us through the process, which was a totally new one for us. The consultant Jane Jutsum and colleagues are highly skilled and knowledgeable and their input has already resulted in significant improvements to our business processes and governance arrangements. I would without reservation recommend working with Eastside Primetimers; they have shown themselves to be experts in their field, demonstrating innovation and creativity in their approach”

Jo Barnes, Managing Director, Managing Director
Disabled Living Foundation (now part of Shaw Trust)

“We chose Eastside Primetimers because they have a highly credible track record in advising charities on partnerships and mergers. Their expert advice, negotiation and co-ordination of all parties, together with their experience of the merger process, has been invaluable in steering the DLF Board to reach what I believe will be a truly good outcome for the organisation’s mission far into the future”

Paul Baldwin, Chair, Disabled Living Foundation (now trustee, Shaw Trust)

“We found Eastside Primetimers to be responsive and willing to listen to our requirements and expectations of the output from their work. We ended up with a very useful and thorough Business Plan that not only helped us gain interest from potential funders, but is also a document that we continue to use to implement the project”

Martin Hancock, Chief Executive
British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS)

“We approached EP to support the Association in developing a five-year strategy. EP has a practical approach and we benefited from the ongoing support we received after our initial away day to write our strategic and operational plans. EP’s business model is such that they get to know their clients and then identify consultants that best suit the specific needs and culture of individual organisations. I would not hesitate to recommend them”

Anne Bishop, Chief Executive
Abbeycroft Leisure

“The support secured through the Big Potential programme and provided by Eastside Primetimers has been invaluable. It has enabled Abbeycroft Leisure to respond quickly to opportunities by building a number of models that enable a better response to contracts. This has included financial modelling, contract documents, mobilisation and project management documents. Eastside Primetimers are also helping the Board and Senior Leadership Team with future options for growth and refining the approaches to this next stage of development”

Warren Smyth, Chief Executive
Action for Kids

“Eastside Primetimers supported us with new trustee integration and the facilitation they provided was a very good start to this important process for us. It enabled our board to have fully informed discussions and make better decisions on important organisational priorities we were considering at the time”

Graham Duncan, Chief Executive
Jobs In Mind

“Eastside Primetimers consistently delivered. The consultants were knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to work with Eastside Primetimers again”

Chris Thomas, Executive Director
Rainbow Services Harlow

“Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Teresa Bailey were great to work with. The healthcheck they provided gave us a snapshot of where we were and a reflective look at what improvements we could make to achieve greater effectiveness and organisational efficiencies”

Jackie Sully, Executive Director
Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK

“As a chief executive with limited experience of mergers, I very much valued working with Eastside Primetimers. They allowed SRUK to tap into a range of expertise, gave us independent and unbiased assessments of the situation and brought to the table their extensive knowledge and insights from supporting previous mergers”

Sue Farrington, Chief executive
Evolve Housing + Support

“Having attended one of their regular merger roundtables to learn about the landscape and explore our options, we chose Eastside Primetimers to help us find the right partner for us, in line with our new business plan. The experience and process they brought to the table enabled us to open up discussions with Grenfell”

Jeremy Gray, Chief executive

Eastside Primetimers

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