About Us

Eastside Primetimers is a consultancy with a difference. We have a strong vision for, and commitment to, charities and other organisations delivering social objectives.  We believe that having a vibrant social sector enriches our communities and the lives of the whole of society.  Our aim is to be a critical friend and partner for those that work with people most in need.

Our mission is to increase the capacity and effectiveness of social sector organisations; and to recruit and support exceptional individuals who have the skills, experience and temperament to make a difference.

We offer specialist services and advice on strategic planning; governance & recruitment; interims; mergers & partnerships; social investment and enterprise developmentevaluations and impact measurement; and digital transformation.

Our People

We have a unique talent pool of more than 100 consultants who are carefully selected for their backgrounds and their passion to make a difference. We also have a central team based in London.

We refer to our consultants as our Members as this denotes their commitment to the charitable sector, a willingness to share their knowledge and to work to our common quality standards. We invest in our Members by enabling them to be part of a community, to update their skills through peer-led learning and to receive professional support from our Foundation.

We have an internal recruitment team who are continuously seeking the best people from across the UK who have the skills, experience and temperament to be successful in the social sector. We set the bar high and select only experienced professionals with exceptional track records, bringing together former voluntary sector leaders and successful professionals from housing, healthcare and business, so that we can offer an excellent range of multi-disciplinary know-how.

We operate nationally, including regional teams in London, the East of England, the Midlands and the North West. We’ve developed dedicated service teams in some of our key expertise areas such as social investmentmergerssocial impact and support for leisure trusts.

Our Clients

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of clients spanning the range of the not-for-profit sector – including charities, social enterprises, housing providers and umbrella bodies – and organisations serving a wide variety of beneficiaries and cause areas. Read what they have to say about us or our stories of change we have delivered.

The EP Way

Formed out of a merger of Eastside Consulting and Primetimers in 2013, we are structured as a social enterprise which is 50% owned by the Eastside Primetimers Foundation and 50% by some of our key managers. Through the Foundation we are able to support small charities and social enterprises.

We are committed to a continuous process of learning, recording and sharing lessons from each and every project. We do this internally first of all, so that we can become better consultants, but we also publish management insights so that a wider audience of charities can benefit, and to help funders and policy-makers to learn about effective ways to build capacity.

Eastside Primetimers

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