About Us

Eastside Primetimers offers a broad range of consultancy and recruitment services for the social sector.

Our mission is to increase the capacity and effectiveness of social sector organisations; and to recruit and support exceptional individuals (both business and charity professionals) who have the skills, experience and temperament to make a difference.

We have a strong commitment and passion for organisations delivering social objectives and the causes they serve.  We believe that having a vibrant social sector enriches our communities and we aim to be a critical friend and partner for those that work with people most in need.

Over the years we have therefore worked with hundreds of types of organisations – including charities, social enterprises, community groups, trusts and foundations, housing providers, leisure trusts and public health bodies. Read what they have to say about us or the stories of change we have delivered.

Our model

We have a developed a unique talent pool of more than 100 consultants who are carefully selected for their backgrounds and their passion to make a difference. We refer to them as our Members as this denotes their commitment to the social sector, a willingness to share their knowledge and to work to our quality standards. We invest in our Members by enabling them to be part of a community, to update their skills through peer-led learning and to receive professional support from our Foundation.

The benefits of the Eastside Primetimers model are:

  • We have an in-house recruitment team which is tasked to find the best, best informed and most experienced group of social sector advisors.
  • With a large talent pool we can offer a diverse range of skills in strategic planning, governance, finance and raising investment, marketing, business development, impact measurement and digital specialisms; and are able to tackle multiple needs that clients face as they develop and grow.
  • We offer nationwide coverage, carefully selecting members in each region, so that each client can get a consultant that knows their area but also has access to best practice from similar projects in other parts of the country.
  • We have a wealth of experience providing step change advice. Many of our projects involve introducing new models and ways of working such as mergers, restructuring, and organizational innovations that can help charities reimagine what is possible and achieve breakthrough impact.
  • We care passionately about results, we adopt a rigorous and consistent method across projects (coined the ‘EP Way’) and we monitor outcomes of projects carefully.
  • As social sector consultants we understand that keeping costs down is important. We offer a flexible, value for money model; and thanks to good under relationships we work hard to access support so smaller charities can afford our capacity building too.

Formed out of a merger of Eastside Consulting and Primetimers in 2013, we are structured as a social enterprise which is co-owned by key managers and the Eastside Primetimers Foundation.

Eastside Primetimers

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