Eastside Primetimers specialises in interim, executive and board recruitment for not-for-profits. We do this because strong leadership and governance is vital for charities to support the people they exist for. By transforming organisations, we hope to transform lives. This includes inclusive charity hiring.

Like many organisations, we are continually reflecting on our diversity and inclusion. This includes work to make our member pool more representative and forging links with BAME-led groups on programmes. But it must also be central to our recruitment services. Here our practices impact the diversity of our client organisations, as well as our own.

Charities do not look like the society they serve, particularly at their upper levels. 62% of large charities have all-white boards. Men hold nearly 60% of top posts. This is not only a values question – diversity in top teams also improves performance. And yet we often find that senior roles are where not-for-profits are most apprehensive about new hiring methods.

Applied – Job Description Analysis

As part of our efforts, Eastside Primetimers is using Applied’s Job Description Analysis Tool in every new hire we help a charity with. We use this tool because we must all keep our unconscious biases at bay – training alone does not work.

How does it work?

The Analysis Tool makes job descriptions more inclusive, encouraging a more diverse set of candidates to apply from the get-go. For example, studies show people associate certain words with “masculine” or “feminine” roles. This is why the tool suggests alternatives to biased language.

It also gives descriptions a Flesch reading standards rating. This makes ads more accessible, no more complicated than required for the role. (We also ran this post through a Flesch checker). And the Tool helps us and you avoid words that exclude people of certain ages or backgrounds. Someone can have valuable skills and perspectives, but still get put off by buzzwords or the wrong emphasis. The tool stops qualified candidates failing on biased definitions of “experience” alone, giving them a fair chance.

This is one part of Applied’s broader offer to charities. This includes a comprehensive platform and help moving towards anonymous, skill-based hiring. We are glad to see them building a record of achievement across the sector, featuring with both Acevo and the NCVO. They have helped the likes of Comic Relief, the Wellcome Trust and Fair for All Finance secure talented staff. At Eastside Primetimers we value our new partnership with them for inclusive charity hiring, and believe it is making a difference to our practices already.

Bernice Rook is Director of Membership & Recruitment at Eastside Primetimers. You can read more about Applied at their website.

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