As charities adapt for the year ahead, you may be thinking about strengthening and developing your team. At Eastside Primetimers, we are now partnering with Uimpact to supplement our longstanding specialist charity recruitment service with behavioural testing.

Behavioural assessment helps you to make a more informed and unprejudiced decision about candidates by looking at their behavioural preferences. Our clients have found this tool incredibly useful in making hiring decisions, particularly at the final interview stage, as it can measure the soft skills required for a unique appointment. It can help you explore how candidates communicate, their leadership attributes or how they embrace new ideas.

“Following the merger of Bowel Cancer & Research with the Bowel Disease Research Foundation, we were looking for a new CEO. It was essential that we recruited someone with empathy for both organisations, with the drive to make the merger successful. The insights we got from EP’s consultant about our candidates were very useful. In particular we thank her for taking the time to talk through the profiles with our various stakeholders” – Paul Reynolds, Chair, Bowel Research UK

The assessments we are able to offer include:

  1. Behavioural/Leadership Assessment – particularly useful when making decisions on final stage candidates
  2. Job Benchmarking – ‘if a job could talk and tell us what it needs’
  3. Individual Development – helps with staff retention and development
  4. Transforming Team Dynamics – developing teams after change/reorganisation/restructure

To learn more, see our guide to behavioural assessment here if you would like to know more. We are happy to offer a free trial of our behavioural assessment test to CEOs or senior managers. so that you can try out the process and see the results for yourself.

How can we help you?

To find out how we can assist you with this or your wider recruitment needs, contact our recruitment director Bernice Rook on 07973 141178 or at

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