It was recently announced that the hearing loss charity Sonus has merged with Deaf Action.

While both charities work with and support deaf people, Sonus is unique in providing a residential care home for deaf elderly people, whilst Deaf Action had an interest in expanding its offer to provide more services.

Eastside Primetimers (EP) offer a trusted and experienced intermediary service for organisations who have found a potential partner and want to complete a deal efficiently and so supported this merger between Sonus and Deaf Action.

We do not replace the lawyers that will be required in the event of a merger, but we will perform the vital role of supporting boards and senior leadership teams to effectively manage the process, whilst allowing senior staff to continue running the organisation day-to-day, with no distraction to key service delivery.

EP Consultant Chris Triggs worked with both organisations, providing due diligence through the merger process. He helped put together sensible steps to get an agreement for both boards and provided post due diligence support, such as signposting and guidance, to help them move forward with the merger. EP also supported with finding funding opportunities to support the merger and this was successful.

Philip Gerard, CEO of Deaf Action, found it useful having EP support with the board meetings: “Chris was able to get the message across without the emotional attachment. He was very factual, was able to see outside of the box and help the board see it too.”

The charities felt the presence of consultants from the beginning was vital in demonstrating the seriousness of their intent to their boards. “We selected the support we wanted from a menu of offers from EP. We should have been more thoughtful about the journey, it’s been a learning process,” said Liz Jones, now Deputy Chief Executive at Deaf Action (former Sonus Chief Executive).

Chris ensured a smooth process for the charities by finding funding opportunities to support the merger and helping them to make connections with other organisations. Both organisations recommend talking to other people who have also been through the process and to really plan for the merger.

“Having an experienced and knowledgeable consultant helped make the journey much smoother than what it would have been without him”, according to Liz Jones. “Chris was helpful, approachable, and responsive. He never made you feel like you asked a ridiculous question.”

With the merger now complete, Deaf Action look forward to offering more support to deaf and hard of hearing people.

Eastside Primetimers anticipate that these two great organisations will continue to do great work, together.

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Our Good Merger Guide contains more information about facilitation, due diligence, and planning for mergers. 

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