Mergers & Partnerships

Eastside Primetimers provides professional advice and thought leadership around mergers and partnerships, which we believe are crucial if the not-for-profit sector is to be effective and sustainable.

Our advisory service has been honed through more than 80 projects for charity mergers and housing association mergers, and we actively search for the best partners and complete deals efficiently.

Read about our services and what support is available at each stage of the merger process: partner search, deal facilitation, and integration.

Successful mergers we have been involved in

  • Evolve Housing + Support and Grenfell Housing and Training coming together to create the third largest homeless accommodation provider in London
  • The merger of Oxford Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre into Deaf Direct, facilitated with funding from the Big Potential fund
  • Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Association Trust and Scleroderma Society coming together as Scleroderma and Raynaud’s UK (SRUK)
  • Addaction adding mental health services through the acquisition of KCA
  • Disabled Living Foundation merging into Shaw Trust, to expand and develop their services
  • Abbeycroft Leisure Trust and Anglia Community Leisure merging to secure their leisure facilities for members
  • Warrington Community Living and Warrington Community Care coming together to protect services

Merger roundtables

Alongside our direct consultancy services, we also host a series of regular, free roundtables exploring merger as a topic. These are closed events conducted under Chatham House rules which we aim to limit to around 20 chief executives, senior managers and trustees per session.

We believe that in light of continuing challenges in the sector, more management teams and boards should be in a position to better understand possible merger opportunities. Our roundtables are designed to be development sessions – a chance to learn from your peers and to discuss both the challenges and opportunities mergers can present. As leading experts in the sector, we at Eastside Primetimers can also share our unique experiences of the marketplace with you.

Contact or call 020 7250 8440 if you are interested in attending a session.

Thought leadership

We have also produced a Good Merger Guide, a practical guide outlining the stages of merger, and the Good Merger Index, an annual first of its kind look at merger activity in the sector. In the most recent edition of the Good Merger Index for 2016, we further sought to look at the outcomes of past mergers and to tackle some of barriers that prevent more and better mergers taking place in the not-for-profit sector.