We offer a trusted and experienced intermediary service for organisations that have found a potential partner and want to complete a deal efficiently.

Our consultants have supported many social sector organisations to do this. Our service is cost-effective and can be adapted to different deal scenarios and considerations.

We do not replace the lawyers or accountancy firms that will be required in the event of a merger, but we will perform the vital role of managing the process while allowing senior staff to continue managing the organisation day-to-day.

What does our service include?

  • Using our understanding of the market to help you manage expectations of what a good deal should look like
  • Chairing meetings between both parties and managing and agreeing next steps along an agreeable timetable
  • Managing the flow of information and document requirements from both parties
  • Helping you understand what the key barriers to a deal might be and making sure these are tabled and answered early on in the process
  • Producing reports for the board and attending board meetings if required to report on progress
  • Evaluating any offer documents tabled from the other party and giving recommendations
  • Working with you to draft your Heads of Terms document
  • Performing initial due diligence and consulting on what level of due diligence is appropriate
  • Delivering an independent due diligence report that meets trustee needs, for one or both organisations
  • Making sure other specialist professionals such as accountants and lawyers are instructed correctly and offer value for money
  • Making sure that momentum and good communication is at all times kept up, and that both parties keep to the agreed timetable

Our Good Merger Guide contains more information about facilitation, due diligence and planning for mergers.