Financial Mentoring

Eastside Primetimers is available to provide free support to help small charities in London to improve their financial and accounting function, which has been funded by the City Bridge Trust.

We are delighted to be able to offer free Financial Mentoring to help small charities, based in London, to improve the quality of their financial management.

We help organisations with the following issues:

  • The quality of their financial reports
  • Accounting for numerous different projects with multiple funders
  • Pricing for tenders
  • Access to a qualified accountant who could help your head of finance with their development
  • The lack of qualified accountants on your Board

Eastside Primetimers is offering a free financial health check and access to financial mentoring to help improve the financial management of charities and social enterprises based in London. This support is the equivalent of 10+ days of professional support time.

What is available and what is involved?

Financial Health Check – This is a confidential analysis and report on the quality and state of your accounting and financial processes and information that you need to run your organisation effectively. This is not an audit but an examination of what you are currently doing by someone who knows about best practice and who can help you decide in what areas you should be seeking to raise the bar and improve the quality of your finance and accounting function. The output is a Development Plan, owned by you and your Board, focused on your finance and accounting department.

Financial Mentoring – We will supply your organisation with a Financial Mentor to support your implementation of the Development Plan. We are envisaging that this support would be available for about a year so it will be able to make a lasting change.

For more information contact us on 020 7250 8334 or email and we will put you in touch with Jo Simpson, our lead member on mentoring.