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Discounted Cost of Living Support Package for your organisation available from Eastside Primetimers

Already we are starting to see the pressure that the cost of living crisis is having on the finances of the organisations we serve. Many organisations operate a very tight budget in order to break even or earn a small surplus. As a response to the Covid crisis, many organisations have already made significant cost savings and dug into their reserves to shore up service provision for their beneficiaries. This current crisis is therefore leaving charities and social enterprise with some tough decisions to make and often with no obvious solutions to the issues they face.

We are doing this in a number of ways including:

  • reviewing strategic plans and service delivery models to find more cost-effective ways to deliver in the current external environment
  • reviewing income generation strategies given the predicted further decrease in donations
  • identifying digital solutions to lower costs and improve efficiency
  • signposting to potential funders so charities can apply for core cost funding and/or raise short-term finance
  • advising on recruitment in a tough job market and how to implement flexible staffing models
  • change/project management capacity to assist with large-scale change as a result of contract loss or new contracts

Given these challenging times, EP is offering a heavily discounted fixed price package of support to help you tackle the challenges you are facing as a result of this crisis and find the solutions you need to implement quickly.

For a fixed fee of £2,750+VAT we will deliver:

  • A 2-hour online session with your team to better understand your challenges
  • A review of relevant documents from your organisation related to the challenges you face
  • Up to 1 day of market research
  • 1 day in-person facilitated session
  • A business change report with measurable recommendations.

Contact Us if you are interested in finding out more about this offer.

Read the blog by Richard Litchfield our CEO including 5 tips for charities to respond to the Cost of Living crisis.

If you would like to speak to someone directly about our Cost of Living support or any other subject, you can call us on 020 7250 8334.

Southside Rehabilitation Association (SRA)We really enjoyed working with Kevin, he understood our requirements and completed the project very quickly and professionally, thank you!   Julie El-Bahawry, CEO

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