Over the Christmas break, Eastside Primetimers consultants worked with the charity Women’s Aid, helping women’s refuges write applications for funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government. This work was funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation. We are thrilled to report that the DCLG has now confirmed that seven bids have been successful, with a total grant value of £881,740 enabling the refuges to continue to support vulnerable women at risk of domestic violence.

In Yorkshire, the charity Independent Domestic Abuse Services will use the grant money won to pay for staff training and 24-hour cover at two of its refuges. In Northamptonshire, our consultants helped three women’s refuges take a unified approach to their bid and contributed to their bid-writing process, allowing them to secure £434,000 of funding to support their operations. Bromley Women’s Aid won their full bid and are now working with the local council on how to most effectively spend the money. Women’s Aid and Lloyds Bank Foundation are also now seeking assurance that all of these hard-won funds will be used to support the specialist refuges.

Eastside Primetimers

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