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We know how digital has massively increased in importance for not-for-profits and the social sector and that it reaches all parts of your organisation from top to bottom. But did you know EP now provides digital support that complements the services you commission from us so that we can strengthen the outcomes of working together?

Some of your thoughts might be on how digital could deliver your strategic goals. How to get more from your website, marketing, fundraising, ecommerce, or CRM. Developing new ways of working with secure, compliant, automated, connected, or collaborative operations. Knowing what capabilities and skills you have to achieve all this. Designing innovative products and services and more income streams.

Our digital service integrates with our unique range of not-for-profit and social organisation consultancy areas. It draws on experience across private, public and social sectors to provide support on:
• Digital objectives and programmes of work to deliver on organisational strategy
• Transformation roadmaps and programme management
• Strategies for technology, data, innovation and operating models
• Digital and IT systems review, solution design and procurement support
• Capability, maturity, and skills assessments
• Security, accessibility, data protection/GDPR audits, training, and support

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