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Example scenarios:

You want income generation to grow in new places through online fundraising, services or products, but there’s a lack of deep understanding of who your audiences are and what they need online to reduce those barriers. That may need more user research to create journey maps for designing effective income processes.

You would like your website or marketing platforms to achieve more in reaching people, providing a good online experience to retain your audience and learning more about them. Examples might be making it easier for people to find valuable content, receive the right message at the right time or access to useful member or supporter account tools. It might need better data capture connecting to your CRM and helpful analytical insights on who is using which services or accessing which content as a result of a specific campaign channel.

Steps we take:

Step 1: For this, we start with what you know of your audience and their needs and review any existing analytics, feedback, and research you may have already done. We will add our own to this.

Step 2: We build a picture of your current state by interviewing internal stakeholders and suppliers, reviewing your technical documentation, and building a model of current functional needs and systems from which to identify the gaps.

Step 3: A description of requirements with user stories and journey maps help keep your audiences and stakeholders in full view.

Step 4: A solution design emerges of the systems and applications needed, people, skills and practices required as models and strategies.

Step 5: This solution can be augmented with market assessment and procurement support and a project plan to deliver specific solutions that address the priority areas.

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