We are proud to be partnering with ACEVO for their virtual conference next week, #ACEVOFest, running from Monday November 16th to Friday November 20th.

Drop-in session: financial resilience and strategy amid COVID-19

On Tuesday November 17th at 3pm-3.45pm, Eastside Primetimers chief executive Richard Litchfield will speak on financial resilience and strategy, followed by Q&A. He will be joined for this session by social finance specialist Niamh Goggin and St John Ambulance CEO Martin Houghton-Brown. As part of ‘Building Back Better’, every organisation will need to review their strategy and their cost and revenue model for 2021. We will explore how charities can seek to take costs out by focusing on delivering a smaller range of viable services; how to communicate the restructure process clearly, in order to maintain trust and avoid raising false hope among staff; how to establish an income diversification plan to transform the business model and take advantage of opportunities to raise new capital; and how to align the board with the executive around a strategic direction for the organisation.

Advice surgeries

Eastside Primetimers consultants will run surgeries on five key #BuildingBackBetter topics, one each day of the week. These will be scheduled from 1pm-2pm each day in the networking hour, with 10-to-15 minute slots available:

  • Monday – Financial resilience and strategic planning: with Richard Litchfield and Niamh Goggin – how you might review your cost and revenue model, focus on viable services, communicate a restructure process clearly, establish an income diversification plan, raise capital, or any other needs you have
  • Tuesday – Flexible working and recruitment: with Bernice Rook – how to review your work arrangements and training for staff, recruit and onboard virtually, overhaul your IT systems for flexible working, or any other needs you have
  • Wednesday – Mergers and partnerships: with Dave Garratt – how to review your partnerships, develop new ones, evaluate merger options, join our merger register, or any other needs you have
  • Thursday – Governance and leadership: with Dave Garratt – how to review your board’s performance and processes, recruit new trustees in line with your strategy, evaluate your board’s skills and balance, or any other needs you have
  • Friday – Digital transformation: with consultants Smriti Singh, Mike Griffin and Chris Dadd – how to shift more services online, review technology usage across your team, stay compliant with data protection, review the digital skills of your staff and trustees, or any other needs you have
Virtual booth

Eastside Primetimers will be running a ‘virtual booth’ Zoom at the conference from 9.30am-4.45pm each day, to talk to guests and other stakeholders.

How do I sign up?

You can view the ACEVOFest itinerary and book here.

If you are not an ACEVO member, you can book a non-member ticket here or join here.

If you are not an ACEVO member but would like to join, you will find the relevant information here.

How can we help?

If you’d like to know more about #ACEVOFest or Eastside Primetimers, you can contact us at dawn@ep-uk.org.

Eastside Primetimers

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