Eastside Primetimers chief executive Richard Litchfield has commented in two new articles by MissionBox about charity mergers, the last in a four-part series. MissionBox is a global network that connects not-for-profit people and organisations worldwide.

‘Nonprofit mergers: 7 ways to turn them into a strategic tool’

On the potential for organisations to consider partnership alternatives short of full merger:

“There are a wide range of partnerships, other than mergers, that can be very valuable to nonprofits,” explains Richard Litchfield, chief executive of UK nonprofit management consultancy, Eastside Primetimers. “Working in collaboration is a good first step for organizations which are considering a merger, as it allows them to assess whether it is the right option for them.” These other forms of partnerships might include cooperation on best practice or sharing of purchases, collaboration on services and projects, joint venture corporations and “back office” administrative consolidations.

Read the full article here.

 ‘Negotiating a nonprofit merger: 10 key items for your agenda’

On the composition of your merger committee:

“You need to consider the dynamics of your merger committee,” says Richard Litchfield, chief executive of UK nonprofit management consultancy Eastside Primetimers. “You need a combination of both non execs and execs. One of the chief executives might be losing their job at the end of the process so you need trustees involved. Equally, the committee can’t just involve trustees as they’re not going to be managing the operations, both internally with staff and externally with funders”

Read the full article here.

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