We are continuing to run a series of seminars aimed at our members (consultants), potential members and individuals in the sector who want to know more about what makes the charity sector tick and how they can best use their skills and expertise within it. It is also a chance to network and in this regard, we are changing the times of our seminars to 5pm so that you can enjoy the company of others over a glass of wine, if that takes your liking.

The focus of this seminar is how local health commissioners should measure the impact of local health and social care charities. Andy Murphy, the CE of Age UK Islington, has been involved at the forefront of this issue and has used his knowledge of data mining and service delivery to provide novel solutions for his local commissioners which have also been marketed and sold to other service providers.

“The use of data in the reshaping of care and health provision – the experience of Age UK Islington”, on Tuesday 13th September at 5pm.

This is a seminar that will deal with measuring impact, the use of data, client tracking, commissioning, GP practices and managing CCG contracts. It is highly topical and Andy will be sharing his front line experiences with us. What has been the journey to success? What have been the barriers and what remains to be solved?

Where is the seminar and how do I get a place on it?

The seminar will be held at 5pm at CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Road, London N1 6AH. The nearest tube is Old Street. There is no charge for entry. To reserve a place you will need to email Dawn McNulty, dawn@ep-uk.org .

About us

The Eastside Primetimers Foundation provides support and advice to talented individuals who are looking to engage their skills and expertise with charities and other not-for-profit organisations. Through our trading company we also deliver extensive consultancy support across the sector.

Upcoming seminars……..

We have three coming up before the end of the year. One will focus on ‘Working With Families With Multiple/Complex Needs’ which will be led by Jayne Stokes, Director of Development and External Affairs at the charity Family Action, the world of Leisure Trusts and how they are changing and transforming themselves in response to the economic and social pressures of the communities in which they operate, and finally a seminar on when and why charities resort to the law, which we will be running in partnership with the human rights legal team at Irwin Mitchell LLP. Dates to follow.

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