Eastside Primetimers has published the first edition of EP Insights, our regular new management briefing for social sector leaders.

Here you can access ‘Strategy 101’, the latest thinking on how to develop and implement great strategies.

You can also dip into one of our pieces here:

This management briefing is produced by Eastside Primetimers – the social sector consultants – for our network of clients and others who are involved in the social sector. Drawing on more than 1,400 capacity-building assignments and the experiences of 120 consultants located across the UK, our aim is to provide a sharply written and practical briefing for the busy social sector leader.

EP Insights will focus each edition on a big management topic of the day, making it accessible and relevant for managers and trustees of social sector organisations and including the genuine experiences of frontline leaders. We aim for this to become a must-read so that together we can respond to and shape the management agenda of the future.

Can we help your organisation to make a step change? Please contact us now on 020 7250 8334 or at dawn@ep-uk.org to speak with one of our specialists.

Eastside Primetimers

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