Eastside Primetimers analysis of the implications of COVID-19 for charity mergers has been featured by charity magazine Third Sector today:

“Charity mergers across the sector rose by nearly a third during the first three months after lockdown, figures indicate. The social sector consultancy Eastside Primetimers has analysed Charity Commission data between March and June and compared it with the same period last year. It found there were 114 mergers during the three-month period this year, compared with 89 during the same timescale in 2019. The consultancy said the figures should be treated with some caution because the regulator’s data typically included some legal housekeeping around micro-charities and the late registrations of previous deals. Significantly, though, some mergers announced over the summer have explicitly cited the pandemic as a contributing factor, Eastside said”

“[Eastside Primetimers associate director for mergers Dave] Garratt conceded that it was still too early to say whether there would be more mergers as a result of Covid-19, because the real financial impact for many charities will not be felt until the sector gets into the budget planning cycle for the next financial year. He added: “What is clear is that both the risks posed by Covid-19 and the potential benefits of consolidation should mean that at least considering merger must be a vital part of every charity’s governance toolkit.””

Third Sector subscribers can read the full story here. You can also read the original piece on COVID-19 and charity mergers here.

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Eastside Primetimers

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