Eastside Primetimers have published the latest edition of our management briefing for not-for-profit leaders, EP Insights. Our latest edition, ‘The Social Investment Survival Kit’, provides practical advice, stories and support for social sector leaders looking to explore social investment opportunities, from perspectives of investors, investor mangers and leaders who have gone through the process.

This edition’s contributions include:

This management briefing is produced by Eastside Primetimers – the social sector consultants – for our network of clients and other colleagues who are involved in the social sector. Drawing on more than 1,400 capacity-building assignments and the experiences of more than 120 consultants located across the UK, our aim is to provide a sharply written and practical briefing for the busy social sector leader.

How can we help you?

Eastside Primetimers offer a comprehensive social investment and fundraising service. We support by unlocking grants and loans to help charities and social enterprises to grow, whether it’s money for a new site, for refitting a building, or raising working capital.

Working closely with social investors, we are an advisor on the Access Reach Fund and have been one of the most successful investment readiness advisors in the social sector. As a result, we have helped over 60 charities and social enterprises in the last 5 years.

Please email dawn@ep-uk.org if you would like to discuss your growth finance options.

Eastside Primetimers

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