Ready for more about strategy? There is an amazing array of resources online to help you broaden your perspective. After much research and debate, here is the Eastside Primetimers list of the very best.

1. Porter or Mintzberg: Whose view of strategy is the most relevant today?

This Forbes article compares the approaches of Mintzberg and Porter, two doyens of strategy theory, on traditional versus agile approaches to strategy development.

2. The early beginnings of strategic planning

From the McKinsey Quarterly archives, this feature from 1973 offers a good view into the history of strategic planning and how it grew in prominence and importance during the 1960s and early 70s.

3. How strategic planning evolved at McKinsey

This link leads to two papers by McKinsey consultants – one from 1978 and the other from 1989 – showing how thinking about strategic planning began to develop within McKinsey.

4. What business can learn from nonprofits

This is Drucker – often described as ‘the founder of modern management’ – at his best. This piece from 1989 flags up how the very best not-for-profits relentlessly put mission at the centre of strategy.

5. Five questions that make strategy real

Jack Welch, legendary CEO of General Electric, says: “In real life, strategy is very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.” In this article, he describes a practical way for managers to create a dynamic strategy.

6. Jack Welch on “Strategy, Execution and People”

This film featuring an interview with Jack Welch focuses on why implementation is more important than planning, and how people are key. It’s primarily for a corporate audience but the key messages can be applied by any social sector organisation.

7. Steve Jobs explains Apple’s strategy

In this Q&A, Apple CEO Steve Jobs explains the company’s strategy in 1997 – just before it wrote the most successful growth story in history. The customer journey comes first, says Jobs. This is echoed by Steve Ford in our CEO 1-to-1 in which he explains how Parkinson’s UK puts people with the disease at the centre of its strategy.

8. PEST analysis for the non-profit sector

This analysis of 100 key political, economic and social trends that could influence charities’ work from nfpSynergy is a very helpful resource for those starting a strategy process.

9. Avoiding strategy ping pong: The board’s role in strategy development

This from Social Ventures Australia, which supports not-for-profits, shows how to avoid deadlock over strategy development between charity boards and management teams, and includes a neat tool which shows how boards can engage most effectively.

10. Understanding what kind of strategy you need

David La Piana has produced this neat tool which helps to clarify the relationship between organisational strategy, and strategies for programmes or operations. He’s also written on how to make strategic planning dynamic, here.

This article originally appeared in Strategy 101, the October 2018 launch edition of our new EP Insights management briefing for social sector leaders. Our aim is to offer a regular, thought-provoking selection of senior-level knowledge and practical advice that CEOs, managers and trustees can make use of to perform their roles more effectively. You can access and sign up for EP Insights at



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