Eastside Primetimers has published the third edition of EP Insights, our regular new briefing for social sector leaders, with this exciting new issue focusing on ‘The Digital Charity’. It explores how to take your charity through a digital transformation, with tips for success and insights from experienced leaders.

We’ve put together a range of great pieces including:

  • An interview with Janet Thorne, chief executive of Reach Volunteering, about how they brought themselves back from closure and doubled their impact by transferring services online
  • Seven tips on digital for charities from Eastside Primetimers consultant Steve Calcott
  • Q&As with Francis Runacres, Arts Council England’s director of enterprise innovation, and Chris Martin, chief executive of youth charity The Mix
  • Our selection of the 10 best resources and tools on digital for the busy charity leader

This management briefing is produced by Eastside Primetimers – the social sector consultants – for our network of clients and other colleagues who are involved in the social sector. Drawing on more than 1,400 capacity-building assignments and the experiences of 120 consultants located across the UK, our aim is to provide a sharply written and practical briefing for the busy social sector leader.

Are you ready to lead a digital transformation?

Our consultant team offers support with digital strategy, systems, data and recruitment of digital trustees. Contact Dawn now on 020 7250 8334 or email dawn@ep-uk.org to discuss how we can help.

Eastside Primetimers

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