Looking to demonstrate your impact better? This is our selection from our latest edition of EP Insights of the top ten articles, resources and tools that will help you take your social impact measurement and management to the next level.


1. Thread on Impact – Martin Brookes

Challenging thoughts from impact specialist Martin Brookes, including the simple maxim that “Impact is about improving first, not proving…Charities need to claim – confidently & boldly – the idea of impact as something which helps them achieve more, demonstrating this to supporters.”

2. Inspiring Impact – Measuring up

Inspiring Impact is a project run by NPC, featuring guidance on impact measurement for charities and stories of impact learning and leading from charities, social enterprises and funders. They provide a free impact practice self-assessment tool, Measuring Up, that helps you to review your organisation’s impact practice and identify areas for improvement in a few simple steps.

3. NESTA Standards of Evidence framework

Using NESTA’s framework, we can analyse social impact measurement based on five levels, range from organisations that perhaps give a basic description of their community impact to those with an ability to robustly evidence how they are creating a positive impact.

NESTA impact framework.png

4. Street League – interactive impact dashboard

Sports charity Street League provides an exemplar of social impact measurement, achieving a “Level 6” on the impact measurement ladder when we analysed their work. They created an interactive impact dashboard which shows their performance against eight measures of social impact, as defined in their theory of change.

5. Salesforce CRM: 10 steps to becoming an impact champion

‘Salesforce Champions’ Economic Change CIC, who Eastside Primetimers partnered with to advise charities under the Access Impact Programme, outline their 10 step process to Measuring Impact and utilising the CRM system Salesforce can make your life easier.

6. Social Change Award winner: Glass Door

In 2018, homeless charity Glass Door won Directory for Social Change’s impact award for long-term enterprises. You can read their impact data and theory of change for how they help each of their clients here. They also published a frank and heartfelt blog, ‘what does success mean’, about how to measure outcomes sensitively in line with their ethos.

7. Deloitte: Reimagining measurement

Insights from the team at Deloitte, based on conversations with more than 125 social sector experts and practitioners, who developed a “bright spots” catalogue with 750 examples of evaluation, monitoring, and learning practices from around philanthropy.

8. Big Society Capital Impact and Outcomes Matrix

The Outcomes Matrix is a free interactive tool to help organisations plan and measure their social impact. You can create your own outcomes matrix by selecting the beneficiary groups and outcomes relevant to your organisation, across nine outcome areas and 15 beneficiary groups.

9. Can charities learn anything from the public sector?

From a few years ago now, but a review of impact indicators used by government departments from the Institute for Government, with the number of indicators ranging from a high of 28 for DfE to a low of six for MoD.

10. Microsoft – how a corporate does social reporting

You may not agree, but it’s worth taking a look at what the private sector is doing. Here’s an insight into how Microsoft seeks to report its social impact to boost its Corporate Social Responsibility bona fides, across three reporting areas.




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