In the latest video for our #BuildBackBetter series, Eastside Primetimers chief executive Richard Litchfield interviews Martin Houghton-Brown, chief executive of St John Ambulance, about their financial restructure in response to COVID-19.

Together they touch on the background of St John Ambulance – one of Britain’s most recognisable and cherished charities – and on what has been top of Martin’s ‘in-tray’ during the crisis, the aims of the financial restructure, how it was communicated sensitively and finally the outlook for the wider charity sector.


Eastside Primetimers have launched a series of new support services geared toward post-COVID resilience: how to review, reboot and renew your not-for-profit. We have identified six pillars which organisations should reassess, to ensure our charities and social enterprises are resilient and high-impact: sustainable finance, flexible work, digital adoption, diversity, transformative partnerships, and agile leadership. Our new support gives organisations access to tools and ideas from social sector leaders, plus access to top business specialists in each of these areas, so that EP clients can learn from others and build-back-better.

Can we help you to #BuildBackBetter?

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