Integrated digital service added for EP clients

We know how digital has massively increased in importance for not-for-profits and the social sector and that it reaches all parts of your organisation from top to bottom. But did you know our digital support can benefit you by giving access to leading-edge specialists who can help you to become a more resilient and data-rich organisation?

Some of your thoughts might be on:

  • How digital could deliver your strategic goals.
  • How to get more from your website, marketing, fundraising, ecommerce, CRM.
  • Developing new ways of working and operations that are secure, compliant, automated, connected, or collaborative.
  • Knowing what capabilities and skills you have to achieve all this.

EP has engaged Marc Goblot to develop our digital services. He brings a wealth of experience with not-for-profits that leverages his experience from other sectors while drawing on the specific needs of the social sector and their impact focus.

Marc defines digital programmes for strategic goals to achieve change; designs practical solutions for platforms, product and service design, creates data and operating models and conducts decision support for technology selection and procurement. Guiding new ways of working with infrastructure and applications for automation, collaborative working, knowledge management, and hybrid working that keeps everyone connected.

Recent client engagements include:

  • Technical resources assessment to recommend ways to manage transformational change while operating the ‘business as usual’, with a change roadmap of recommended processes, roles, and technology.
  • Capability assessment and requirements analysis to design a complete digital technology stack, with a market assessment of recommended products that fit identified needs and a 2-year roadmap to achieve a logical delivery.
  • Business case development, digital platform and supplier procurement support for Homeless Link that placed digital at the heart of their strategy and improved digital capabilities for delivering their goals.
  • Comprehensive digital systems review and mapping for the British Red Cross with recommendations for consolidation of systems and supplier management practices.
  • Review of organisational requirements and capabilities to drive a market assessment for marketing platform recommendations for Concern Worldwide to centralise their UK and Irish marketing operations.
  • Digital strategy, platforms review and solution design for Water Aid across its global subsidiaries to consolidate systems and improve efficiencies across their markets.

We are now offering online digital clinics for a limited time at no cost

Perhaps you might want to discuss:

  1. Digital Execution: Exploring any of your digital developments or execution projects from CRMs to websites, identifying barriers and options for remedies.
  2. Digital Capabilities & Planning: Understanding the skills and capabilities digitally across the organisation, how they align with organisational strategy using a mapping tool, developing digital action plans etc.
  3. Ask Me Anything: Is there an area of digital that is keeping you up at night? Learn how others have tackled it, and discuss what to do next.

Why not book a free online clinic or simply book some time to find out about how this could work for you?

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You can also look at how we address some common digital scenarios and how we are helping clients using specific steps and deliverables on our website:

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