Lloyds Bank Foundation Enhance

The Lloyds Bank Foundation Enhance programme provides consultancy-type support to the small charities as they fund, recognising many organisations need access to skills and expertise in addition to money. The programme offers a wide range of developmental support including training, consultancy and mentoring, alongside their funding to strengthen charities.

Lloyds Bank Foundation grant managers build relationships with charities to help them identify challenges, plan the activity they need and what the outcomes will be, and then work with partner organisations – including Eastside Primetimers – to deliver solutions.

Our Lloyds Bank Foundation support packages

Eastside Primetimers has four basic packages of support available for Lloyds Bank Foundation-funded charities, each split into two basic parts:

  • Part 1: a diagnostic tool for self-assessment, to help the charity identify its development needs with the help of our consultant, resulting in an action plan to take the project forward. This phase includes three days of support and can be completed within one month.
  • Part 2: with approval from Lloyds Bank Foundation, the second phase includes seven days of mentoring, coaching or consultancy to guide the charity through the agreed action plan. Support is delivered in the way most convenient to the charity and this phase should take about six months in total.

These packages are focused on income diversification, commissioning and partnerships, partnerships and collaboration, financial health and GDPR support.

  • Income diversification support: a diagnostic designed to help charities diversify their income sources to become more sustainable. By identifying their development needs, we can help charities to improve their performance and their practice. This includes articulating the ‘offer’, funding strategy, traditional and non-traditional sources of funding, partnerships and collaboration.
  • Commissioning and partnerships support: designed to help charities improve their ability to respond to and win new work from tenders. Charities are asked to think about articulating the ‘offer’ to stakeholders, reviewing funding plans and strategy, track record and understanding commissioners, and preparation for the future by assessing their strengths, weaknesses and partnerships.
  • Partnerships and collaborations support: help for charities entering into a collaborative relationship with another not-for-profit organisation, to develop services and bid for larger contracts. Our aim is to help create the right environment for a partnership to flourish and succeed.
  • Financial health: designed to help put the right structures in place to increase the financial sustainability and effectiveness of an organisation. Areas covered include ensuring robust governance, reviewing management reporting, controls and processes, pricing, staff, outsourcing, tax and auditors.
  • Data protection and GDPR: a package focusing on supporting organisations to ensure their data protection and privacy processes are in line with current GDPR regulations. This involves up to five days of practical and mentoring support.

How can we help you?

If you are a funder who would like more information on how we might help add value to your grantmaking, please get in touch with us at dawn@ep-uk.org.


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