We are delighted to see the formal launch of the Government’s new support programme for Public Service Mutuals (Mutuals), marking the start of the next significant chapter for Mutuals and those exploring the model. We are also proud to be part of GoMutual Consortium, one of the two winning consortia selected by Government to support both potential and existing Mutuals over the next couple of years or so. You can read more about the government’s new £1.7m Mutuals programme here.

GoMutual Consortium consists of five organisations (Eastside Primetimers, Stepping Out, MetaValue, Social Enterprise Acumen and Hempsons solicitors) and between us we have already worked with well over 50 existing and potential Mutuals. You can find out more about the programme and the support you may be eligible to receive here: Mutuals Support Programme 2 or by contacting suzie.campbell@metavalue.co.uk or  craig.dearden-phillips@stepping-out.biz.

Eastside Primetimers

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