New ways of working

Example scenarios:

You are updating your culture and processes, and want to support your people and how they work. The organisation could use more ways to connect everyone up with collaborative working, more automation, remote or hybrid working with messaging and sharing of up to date information that is accessible wherever and whenever it is needed.

People want to gain confidence and skills using more knowledge management, peer to peer exchanges of information and online training on-demand to fit around time commitments.

Steps we take:

Step 1: First is an infrastructure audit by interviewing colleagues and documentation. Interviews with internal and external-facing stakeholders build a picture of current processes, tasks and issues and some thoughts on what would improve or help them.

Step 2: Then we analyse this and create an ideal operating model of practices, people and skills needed and a proposed infrastructure and technology model.

Step 3: We define a roadmap of multiple workstreams to implement them logically by feasible stages to gain incremental benefits. This all takes account of the mix of project work within the constraints of business as usual, input from key stakeholders along the works, service introduction and training. A realistic plan must fit into your critical activities and resource needs to manage change across the organisation’s breadth and its culture.

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