Our Story

Eastside Primetimers is a social sector consultancy delivering social impact through strategy, advisory and recruitment services for charities and social enterprises.

Our mission is to increase the capacity and effectiveness of social sector organisations. Therefore, we aim to find and support exceptional individuals (both business and charity professionals) who have the skills, experience and temperament to make a difference in the social sector.

We are motivated by a strong commitment and passion for organisations delivering social objectives and the causes they serve. Our vision is for a vibrant social sector which enriches our communities and enables individuals to fulfil their potential. In this way, we aim to be a critical friend and partner for those that work with people most in need.

We advise and implement on strategic business planning, governance, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, investment and social impact. We provide senior interim, board and permanent staff and recruitment services for senior staff, chairs, and trustees.

Since we were founded, Eastside Primetimers has been commissioned by more than 900 organisations, including charities, social enterprises, community groups, housing associations, care providers, leisure trusts, public health bodies, trusts and foundations. Read what they have to say about us or the stories of change we have delivered.

Our Model

We use an in-house recruitment team to find the best-informed and most experienced group of professionals. As a result, we have developed a unique talent pool of more than 100 consultants, interims and senior executives ready to take on permanent roles.

Our consultants are carefully selected for their skills, experience and fit with our core values. We refer to them as our Members, as this denotes their passion for the social sector and a willingness to share their knowledge and work to our quality standards. In return, we invest in our Members by enabling them to join a professional community of peers and to receive support from our Foundation.

Eastside Primetimers are formed out of a merger of Eastside Consulting and Primetimers in 2013. The organisation is structured as a social enterprise, which is co-owned by our key managers and the Eastside Primetimers Foundation.

We are a certified social enterprise member with SEUK and are an adviser with AcevoLloyds Bank Foundation, Good Finance and a variety of funding organisations.

Eastside Primetimers

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