Brent Thomas

Deputy Chief Executive

Brent is responsible for ensuring the quality of Eastside Primetimers’ delivery. He is the bridge between the Executive Talent Pool and the Business Development teams, and is particularly involved in the creative use of our member consultants – focusing them on sharing knowledge and good practice to perpetuate the production of outstanding work.

Brent has more than a decade of experience of working with charities and social enterprises. Following a period of interim project management for a charity in 2002, he realised there was a significant need for skills and expertise from the private sector to solve the increasingly sophisticated challenges faced by charities and social enterprises. Two years later Brent founded Primetimers which has since supported well over 250 civil society organisations, helping to build capacity and improve service delivery in the sector.

Brent is a trustee of Family Action, the largest family charity in England and holds a variety of private sector board appointments.

Eastside Primetimers