Dorian Leatham

Extensive history of constructive cross sector partnerships utilising his collegiate and dynamic leadership style to encouraged partners to adopt innovative ways to work with communities to address issues of marginalization. Wide experience of presenting proposals to funders and politicians to lever capital and revenue funding. Building leadership teams to develop innovative solutions to service delivery. Currently acting as an independent consultant working with organisations  and individual leaders to  develop and deliver innovative solutions to achieve operational and strategic objectives. Working with governing bodies to ensure best governance practice.

Key skills & experience

Extensive senior leadership experience leading substantial workforces in the public sector and large budgets. Executive leaderships of charities and housing associations to adopt innovative solutions to deliver high quality services to disadvantaged communities with limited financial resources. Developing critical analysis and horizon thinking with leadership teams. Strategic partnership developments working with local communities. Levering funding from central government, private funders and charitable funders. Strong governance experience both as chair and trustee. Positioning organisations to harness change, adopt new approaches to service delivery. Innovative approaches to service delivery and customer engagement in a climate of ever reducing financial resources.


Recent projects

Worked with renowned international charity to identify how they implemented and delivered their EDI.

Critical analysis of a medium sized housing association’s trustees and staff adherence to its EDI policies.

Coaching and mentoring senior operational leaders in two London local authorities.

Facilitated cultural change initiatives in two small housing associations.

Organisational  and culture change initiative for a small BAME organisation.

Worked with substantial charity trustees to re-engage troubled trustees and improve both governance and better relationships between the trustees as well as with their local communities.

Senior Independent Non-executive Director by the Regulator for Social Housing to resolve governance and regulatory issues faced by a small housing association.

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