Emma Judkins

Emma is a research consultant for the charity sector, specialising in community engagement. She has a passion for putting the voices of charity beneficiaries at the heart of her research for strategy development and ensuring their insights develop services fit for purpose to help organisations thrive. This has led her to work on projects for mental health, community protection and restoration, and sustainability.

Emma began her career as an intern with Eastside Primetimers, conducting research to support charity mergers and acquisitions. She has since been a civil servant specialising in engaging vulnerable communities to inform UK policy on EU exit and climate change. She is able to provide a range of research services, including research design and project management, qualitative/quantitative research and project evaluation.

Key skills & experience

  • Quantitative research (including data analysis of surveys and desk research)
  • Qualitative research (including designing and leading surveys, focus groups, interviews)
  • Project evaluation (report design and drafting, impact evaluation and identifying actionable insight for strategy recommendations)


Recent projects

  • Community engagement with those with lived experience of mental health on behalf of a mental health charity to inform their service development.
  • Designed and delivered program of engagement with London-based community protection charity to understand the community needs and inform the charity’s campaign to protect the demolition of their community space.
  • Responsible for managing UK Government relationships with activists and climate-vulnerable groups on COP26, collecting insights on how the climate crisis impacts these communities to inform ongoing UK policy development.

Eastside Primetimers