Fred Payne


Fred has been chair of the board of Eastside Primetimers since June 2016.

Fred has been Chief Executive of the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) since January 2003, leading a transformation of BWC from a widows and orphans charity to a modern service provider supporting people with a wide variety of problems. Following a career of over 30 years in financial services, he has used his skills to bring about innovations in the approach BWC takes to occupational benevolence. This has involved developing an innovative partnership delivery model with potential for use more widely across the benevolent and grant making sectors.

Fred has been driving improvements in the customer experience through digital and mobile access to early intervention services and promoting new concepts delivering employee wellbeing, pensioner services and the potential to use social investment. Fred joining EP is timely, in light of his experience with grant-making foundations and EP’s expanding interest in a ‘grant+’ model in the sector, blending traditional grant funding with support and social investment.

Eastside Primetimers