Lori Streich

Lori Streich is an experienced charity consultant specialising in enabling organisations to deliver effective services.  She has expertise in evaluation, in stakeholder engagement and in partnership building and development.  Lori’s approach is pragmatic and rooted in a solid evidence base.  She looks for solutions that can, and will, be implemented within the resources, capacity and scope of each organisation, and that have the support of relevant stakeholders.

Key skills & experience

  • 25+ years as a freelance consultant, building on a career working in the not-for-profit sector.
  • Building cultures of evaluation in small organisations.
  • Qualitative evaluation and measuring the less tangible outcomes achieved by quality service providers.
  • Working with diverse stakeholders.
  • Effective practices for partnerships.
  • Mentoring


Recent projects

  • Coordination of an oral history project co-producing a history of the Disabled People’s movement in Bristol.
  • Evaluation of the Homes for Heroes 100 project, celebrating 100 years of Council Housing in Bristol.
  • Development of an evaluation framework for Bristol Green Capital Project’s Community Climate Action Plans.
  • Mentoring for small charity CEOs; and of heritage organizations delivering projects with their local schools.

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