Melvyn Ingleson

Melvyn enjoys growing organisations, building brands and reputations, transforming organisations and forging partnerships.

Key skills & experience

  • Understands how digital innovation can help organisations to grow or transform, to personalize services or operate across boundaries.
  • Knows how to build complex partnerships to deliver growth and shared outcomes, aligned to government policies and investment priorities.
  • Enjoys building brands, growing reputations and influencing stakeholders to deliver social value.
  • Passionate about facilitating executive teams to create a Growth Mindset and maximizing the potential of Boards.


Recent projects

As an Advisor

  • Aligning Microsoft’s services and social capital across Greater Manchester supporting the Mayor’s digital strategy for citizens, businesses, education and public service transformation.
  • Leading Microsoft ‘s engagement across public, private and third sector in Staffordshire to support the Smart Staffordshire agenda, utilising digital skills programmes to support economic growth.
  • Facilitating a four-year partnership between Microsoft and Scottish Government to deliver 3000 plus qualified, employed Digital Apprentices.

As a NED

  • Co-creating a Growth plan for a small charity’s mental health services.
  • Developing a Business Plan for a Community Hub with a Christian ethos, combining Arts & Culture with serving the most vulnerable.
  • Creating an Assurance framework to enable and measure growth through an integrated approach to marketing, business development & partnerships.

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