Pat McGinn

Pat enables third sector practitioners to understand the factors that propel their organizational performance and the obstacles that prevent their organization delivering even more public good. He works collaboratively with practitioners and finds and presents robust evidence that underpins the analysis of their organizational performance. He uses an asset-based model of development.

Key skills & experience

  • Ethical approach that anchors the evaluation in the interests of the intended beneficiaries of the client organization;
  • Career of thirty years working in and for the not-for-profit sector;
  • Commitment to the values of equality of treatment and equity of outcome that underpin the work of the third sector;
  • Sustained attention to the quality of the evidence, one that insists on the highest possible standards of evidence, enabling the sector to move away from the testimonial approach of so much evaluative work;
  • Professional orientation on my part towards continuous professional development;
  • Curiosity about how we may harvest new insights from emerging data sources, esp. social media, and challenging analytical approaches, esp. machine learning.


Recent projects

  • Community Organisers Ltd and Power to Change Trust (2022) – in-depth qualitative research on the business models of community anchor organisations and social action hubs that make use of a community organising methodology.
  • Access Foundation (2021) – survey design and analysis input to the evaluation of the Foundation’s Reach Fund carried out by Small Change, a social investment consultancy. The data was used to calculate key outcome indicators for the Fund that the Foundation’s investment enabled third sector investees to secure.
  • Esmée Fairbairn Foundation (2019) – production of a toolkit on social impact measurement for credit unions in collaboration with the Centre for Community Finance in Europe and John Moores University in Liverpool.

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