Robert Thomas MBE

Rob Thomas MBE has a career that spans business, public sector, education as well as not for profit sectors. He also understands firsthand the challenges of growing a not for profit organization in today’s challenging environment.

Alongside his work with Eastside Primetimers, Robert leads Vennture – a fast growing, innovative charity. With over 150 volunteers and 3 award-winning initiatives, Vennture equips people to take responsibility for others in crisis. In 2020, Rob was awarded an MBE for his outstanding service to the community in Herefordshire during the first wave of the COVID pandemic with Venture.

Key skills & experience

Robert is a systems thinker, commercial strategist and he has a wide experience supporting leaders delivering change.
He helps not-for-profits distinguish their point of difference relevant to their emerging context. His focus is on developing long-term sustainability through building viable economic and operating models. He has helped several not-for-profits develop plans to scale.


Recent projects

1. Supporting an award winning nursery to scale and replicate across multiple sites:
Clarifying the nursery’s unique selling points within the social value delivered and its innovative economic model; developing a detailed financial model to identify and mitigate financial and operating risks.

2. Defining a business plan to scale a charities social enterprise to secure its independence from unpredictable and uncertain public funds:
Defining a detailed value chain to identify opportunities to add social value as well as harvest surpluses to support the charity’s wider activity with the socially disadvantaged; engaging investor interest and supporting the due diligence process.

3. Clarifying a well-established charity’s proposition to be relevant to a new commissioning landscape for people with multiple and complex needs:
Defining all elements of the charity’s operation – mission, vision, values, measures of success as well as the economic and operating model. Developing a phased journey plan to align the organization to take on a leadership role relevant to its new context.

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