Rosie Chadwick

Rosie specialises in helping voluntary organisations secure contracts, grants and social investment and strengthen their approaches to impact measurement and management.

Key skills & experience

Before joining Eastside Primetimers Rosie had a rich and varied career, first as a civil servant then later as a charity director in two national charities with roles involving policy and innovation, operations, strategy and new business development. A highly skilled and experienced bid writer, Rosie has led a number of successful multi-million pound tenders. She brings writing and analytical skills fine-tuned in Whitehall and from writing varied publications. She also has a strong understanding of the many different elements that lie beneath a winning tender – from understanding the market and how to stand out in it to building strong commissioner relationships to co-design with service users, demonstrating impact and responding to the brief – and what these involve in practice.


Recent projects

Rosie’s recent assignments include:

  • helping a Council for Voluntary Service design and embed an impact framework in consultation with key stakeholders – then doing the same for one of the stakeholders
  • change management support, helping a youth charity take a ‘whole organisation’ approach to using data effectively
  • evaluating a Department of Health funded volunteering initiative for a local mental health charity
  • critiquing bid content for a London-based community organisation, advising on approaches to service user involvement and helping map the Theory of Change for a key programme
  • supporting a youth charity to review its approach to business development, including the role of young people within that.

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