Rosie Chadwick

Rosie specialises in helping voluntary organisations secure contracts, grants and social investment and strengthen their approaches to impact measurement and management.

Key skills & experience

Before joining Eastside Primetimers Rosie had a rich and varied career, first as a civil servant then later as a charity director in two national charities with roles involving policy and innovation, operations, strategy and new business development. A highly skilled and experienced bid writer, Rosie has led a number of successful multi-million pound tenders. She brings writing and analytical skills fine-tuned in Whitehall and from writing varied publications. She also has a strong understanding of the many different elements that lie beneath a winning tender – from understanding the market and how to stand out in it to building strong commissioner relationships to co-design with service users, demonstrating impact and responding to the brief – and what these involve in practice.


Recent projects

Rosie’s recent assignments include:

  • helping a Council for Voluntary Service design and embed an impact framework in consultation with key stakeholders – then doing the same for one of the stakeholders
  • change management support, helping a youth charity take a ‘whole organisation’ approach to using data effectively
  • evaluating a Department of Health funded volunteering initiative for a local mental health charity
  • critiquing bid content for a London-based community organisation, advising on approaches to service user involvement and helping map the Theory of Change for a key programme
  • supporting a youth charity to review its approach to business development, including the role of young people within that.
Big Red Food Shed Ltd“One of the best decisions we made was to commission an evaluation of our work. We hoped this would confirm our obvious successes and highlight areas needing improvement. We worked with Rosie Chadwick from Eastside Primetimers and the report which resulted has been an invaluable tool for us to use. We are able to use verified figures of achievement and production, hear third party opinions from our partnerships and real-time comment from our Volunteers. All of this really helps a small organisation like ours to progress with confidence.” Julie Lowe, Managing Director
Restore“Rosie Chadwick was challenging, insightful and inspiring. She helped us clarify the areas for improvement and celebrate the achievements. Her work discovered some of the more positive and unexpected benefits. Rosie was supportive and very clear in her feedback and working with her was a real pleasure” Mick Carroll, Head of Coaching
Victim Support“Eastside Primetimers has supported Victim Support with a number of projects. For example, their consultant Rosie Chadwick provided support with some complex technical elements as part of a successful tender. Rosie made a vital contribution and we found her to be flexible, generous with her time and a brilliant support” Simon Ketteridge, Business Development Director

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