Partnerships: 3SC Capitalise Limited

3SC manages the bidding process and builds supply chains of local organisations, allowing smaller third sector providers to compete for, and participate in public service delivery.



  • Total Contract Size: £34m
  • Commissioner: DWP
  • Partnership Model: 10 organisations, with equal shares
  • Structure: Limited Liability Partnership with asset lock

Project need

3SC was born out of the need for third sector organisations to come together and bid effectively for public service delivery contracts.

In 2009-10, it was important to turn the concept for 3SC into operational reality. This required a legal entity to be created with good governance arrangements, its credentials to be established with commissioners and working capital to be secured to cover the early years.


Eastside Primetimers, as one of the initiators behind 3SC, was asked to take a lead on its first phase of development. First we gave structuring advice, engaged with prospective partners and established the agreement for the partnership working closely with Bates Wells & Braithwaite.

Having identified the Future Jobs Fund as an excellent first contract opportunity, we mobilised 81 charities and social enterprises for a consortium bid. 3SC was awarded the largest contract eventually delivering c. £34 million of allocation, achieving 100% performance.

We then supported the organisation on an investment round, producing a business plan and financial materials, which resulted in a cornerstone investment of £1.5m to cover its working capital needs.

This early work gave a foundation to 3SC from which it has grown and won further contracts with DWP, MoJ/NOMS, WAG, GLA, JCP and local authorities.

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