Strategy: British Association of Urological Surgeons

The British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) is a professional membership organisation for urology surgeons and professionals. Created in 1945, it provides support, training and education to approximately 1,000 urologists across the UK. It enjoys the highest level of engagement among medical associations, with 97% of urologists as its members.


Project need

BAUS were keen to develop a five-year strategy for 2015-2020 and wanted to commission specialist expertise to help them. As a membership-based organisation, the key challenge with the strategy exercise was to engage its members (surgeons) across the country, so that the plan was shaped and supported by the membership.


Eastside Primetimers was able to provide independent facilitation, tailored to membership organisations, engaging BAUS members across the country in the development of the plan. This included facilitation of strategic planning away days and ensuring that the discussions held were then used as the basis for the setting of goals, each accompanied by milestones and actions. A 5-year strategy, financial plan, a detailed implementation plan and a risk register were then produced.

However, EP has been able to continue to support BAUS with the consequences and implementation of strategic priorities, providing support they can draw on for a governance review and developing a communications strategy – members were central to the new plan.


  • Mission & vision refreshed
  • 5 Year Strategic Plan adopted by the BAUS Council
  • Financial plan approved
  • Risk register
  • Implementation support with governance, restructuring and communications planning

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British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS)“We approached EP to support the Association in developing a five-year strategy. EP has a practical approach and we benefited from the ongoing support we received after our initial away day to write our strategic and operational plans. EP’s business model is such that they get to know their clients and then identify consultants that best suit the specific needs and culture of individual organisations. I would not hesitate to recommend them” Anne Bishop, Chief Executive


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