Enterprise Development: Children & Young People’s Empowerment Project (Chilypep)

Children & Young People’s Empowerment Project Ltd (Chilypep) is a nationally registered charity and company limited by guarantee, based in Sheffield. They work in some of the most disadvantaged areas of South Yorkshire and with some of the most excluded groups of children and young people, supporting them to make a positive contribution to their communities and neighbourhoods. They also run training on working with young people nationally. Their models, tools and training techniques have been recognised by national government and the National Youth Agency in published good practice guidance, and in external local and national evaluations.



  • A business plan for a social enterprise café
  • A project plan completed
  • A risk register
  • New funding opportunities identified

Project Need

Chilypep was seeking new solutions to provide further opportunities for young people to shape their future, but which could be funded using sources that would not compete with their existing programs and could offer them a route to greater income diversification. The plan was to develop a community-based café selling high quality tea and coffee to local people, but which could also be used by young people in the evenings as a venue for support groups and as a place to base youth workers. It would provide a safe space, work experience and an opportunity to shape and be involved with a business. Specialist facilitation with young people and an assessment of risks, funding requirements and social returns were needed to make this a reality.


Eastside Primetimers were able to provide facilitation and consultancy with the café’s intended young beneficiaries about their needs and the best way to engage them. We were able to draw up a wide-ranging business plan for the café and assist their enterprise sub-group with analysis of the marketplace, engaging with stakeholders to provide input and help shape the solution. This included scoping of the market for both youth support and coffee shops, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, a marketing strategy and a discussion of suggested pricing and potential suppliers. It also covered, leadership and governance, staffing requirements and volunteer management and it sought to identify resources, requirements for property and potential funding to make the project a success.

In addition, one of our consultants worked with both staff and stakeholders to help them define and measure social impact, identifying key aims around building confidence and self-belief, improving emotional wellbeing and the provision of volunteering/work experience.

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How can we help you?

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Chilypep“Working with Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Helen Nott really helped us explore our idea. Developing the business case increased our understanding of our options, and a better grasp of social value and measuring it will help us to show our stakeholders the real impact of our work. Helen was flexible, great to work with and took time to really understand our needs and who we are. Her work to help us develop our branding and identity has been a real game changer” Lesley Pollard, Managing Director


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