Leisure Trust support: Vision Redbridge

Since 2007 Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure has been responsible for managing leisure, parks, libraries and culture facilities within the London Borough of Redbridge. Vision is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organisation with an annual turnover of £21m. As a social enterprise, they are committed to working in partnership with the Borough to deliver a diverse range of facilities and services to the communities they serve and to play a vital role in improving the quality of life of those living, working and visiting Redbridge.




As a result of the project, Vision Redbridge’s leadership team feel confident that they are in a much better position to discuss their future position with the local authority in Redbridge. They have a clearer strategic direction and a better view of the impact they have on the people in the Borough and can more clearly articulate this. The trust has also achieved greater clarity on the markets they want to expand into for future commissioning opportunities.


  • Vision Redbridge faced commissioning challenges – recognising the challenges of tendering for contracts in a competitive environment prompted Vision to re-examine their strategy and seek an assessment of their strengths, weaknesses and direction as  an organisation
  • Vision were seeking specialist support to help them position for existing contracts, including the upcoming discussions over the funding agreement with Redbridge Council in 2021 – this is a common challenge for both small and medium-sized leisure and culture trusts
  • Vision wished to better demonstrate their social impact in the context of their organisational aims, objectives and values
  • Vision also identified a need to look for partnerships, to enhance scale and strengthen contract bidding


Eastside Primetimers consultants helped the trust reexamine their stated aims, find greater clarity of purpose and vision, and reach board agreement around this. Eastside Primetimers provided five main strands of support:

  • Financial modelling support, including the development of a template to evaluate future bids
  • Contract readiness support – this involved reviewing requirements, developing a bidding structure and collecting data to underpin an ongoing strategy to manage future bids
  • Social impact, reviewing both current measures and best practice in similar organisations
  • Organisational structure and governance, including a review of resources and board development
  • Partnerships, exploring opportunities with likeminded organisations for combined scale and competitiveness

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Vision Redbridge“The support that Eastside Primetimers provided first of all helped us to take time out to think about where we stood as an organisation and how we could move forward. It then led to us developing strategies and processes in a range of areas that will better position us to deliver new services and help us express our social value in our local community in Redbridge, in line with our values” Iain Varah, Chief executive


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