Evaluation Services

Charity evaluation service

A strong charity evaluation service can help you make the most of evaluation opportunities. Evaluations are vital not only to meet funder requirements, but as a catalyst to increase impact. This can include driving learning and performance improvement, culture and systems change, service user involvement, strategy, partnership and new business development.

Eastside Primetimers’ talent pool of over a hundred consultants includes specialists with knowledge of a range of methods, spanning qualitative and quantitative approaches and process and impact evaluation. Our team understand how a thorough charity evaluation service can support organisational development, enterprise and growth.

Our charity evaluation service

Monitoring and charity evaluation services we offer include:

  • draw up evaluation plans and specifications, linking these with your organisation’s strategic objectives and feeding into bids and funding applications
  • map underpinning theories of change, informing evidence requirements
  • identify evaluation tools and techniques that best suit your purposes
  • explore opportunities for benchmarking
  • undertake cost benefit analysis
  • integrate evaluations of specific initiatives with ongoing work to strengthen impact measurement and management
  • build internal capacity to manage, carry out and use evaluations
  • draw out key messages from evaluation findings, linking these with policy agendas and investment opportunities.

How can we help you?

Please contact us to find out more on how Eastside Primetimers can help with on 020 7250 8334 or email dawn@ep-uk.org to arrange a conversation with one of our team about how we can help you with evaluation, planning and impact.


Asian Women's Resource Centre (AWRC) “I would like to thank Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Carolyn Hay, who has written an excellent evaluation report for the AWRC. It is an excellent document and I look forward to circulating to Reaching Communities and quoting it for funding applications that I write going forward” Sarbjit Ganger, Director
Big Red Food Shed Ltd“One of the best decisions we made was to commission an evaluation of our work. We hoped this would confirm our obvious successes and highlight areas needing improvement. We worked with Rosie Chadwick from Eastside Primetimers and the report which resulted has been an invaluable tool for us to use. We are able to use verified figures of achievement and production, hear third party opinions from our partnerships and real-time comment from our Volunteers. All of this really helps a small organisation like ours to progress with confidence.” Julie Lowe, Managing Director
Imara“We experienced good partnership working with Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Nicky Stevenson, who has supported us over the past year with our evaluation and monitoring. With her help producing great reports, analysis and ideas, we are now able to show our value more effectively” Cath Wakeman, Chief Executive Officer and Trauma Therapist
North Norfolk Community Transport“Working with Eastside Primetimers was instrumental to NNCT having a strong period of growth. The diagnostic their team performed helped us reflect on our needs and identify areas where we needed support, including governance  and sustainability. We have doubled in size, with more income from sustainable, longer-term contracts rather than grants. Their variety of consultants with different backgrounds, skills and ideas gave us access to their experience and to personal support on a peer basis” Matt Townsend, former chief executive
Rainbow Services Harlow“Eastside Primetimers and their consultant Teresa Bailey were great to work with. The healthcheck they provided gave us a snapshot of where we were and a reflective look at what improvements we could make to achieve greater effectiveness and organisational efficiencies” Jackie Sully, Executive Director
Restore“Rosie Chadwick was challenging, insightful and inspiring. She helped us clarify the areas for improvement and celebrate the achievements. Her work discovered some of the more positive and unexpected benefits. Rosie was supportive and very clear in her feedback and working with her was a real pleasure” Mick Carroll, Head of Coaching

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