Charity Partnerships & Mergers


Eastside Primetimers provides professional advice and thought leadership around charity partnerships and mergers, which we believe can be crucial if social organisations are to be effective and sustainable.

In addition to a wide array of partnership arrangements, our advisory services have enabled more than 25 mergers and the transfer of £84.8m of charitable services. Read about our project outcomes.

We can support you at each stage of the merger process: partner search and approachdeal facilitation, and finally integration.

Read about the work we do with the hospice sector.

Roundtables on charity partnerships and mergers

Alongside our direct consultancy services, we also host a series of regular, free roundtables exploring merger as a topic. These are closed events conducted under Chatham House rules, which we aim to limit to around 20 chief executives, senior managers and trustees per session.

We believe that in light of continuing challenges in the sector, more management teams and boards should be in a position to better understand possible merger opportunities. Our roundtables are designed to be development sessions; they are a chance to learn from your peers and to discuss both the challenges and opportunities charity partnerships and mergers can present. As leading experts in the sector, we at Eastside Primetimers can also share our unique experiences of the marketplace with you.

Contact our Head of Partnerships & Mergers Tracey O’Keefe at if you are interested in attending a session.

Thought leadership on charity partnerships and mergers

We have also produced a Good Merger Guide – a practical charity partnerships guide outlining the stages of merger – and the Good Merger Index, an annual first-of-it-kind look at merger activity in the sector. Our most recent Index features data on charity and social enterprise mergers in the year of 2020/21, but also provides a look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sector.

The recent launch of Eastside Primetimer’s Good Merger Index for 2020-21, shines a light on the first year of the pandemic and how the social sector began to respond. Click here read the summary of discussion and the recording of the live launch.

How can we help you?

Please contact us on 020 7250 8334 or email to arrange a call with our Head of Partnerships & Mergers Tracey O’Keefe, and discuss how we can help your organisation make a transformational change.

Age Exchange“We set out to find a partner that provided both the infrastructure we needed to grow and synergy in terms of values and ambition. Without the support of Eastside Primetimers we would never have approached Community Integrated Care, who ended up being the perfect partner. Eastside Primetimers’ initial research into potential partners was invaluable, and they have been professional, supportive and helped us to stay focused on our goals. This partnership will allow us to replicate the work we already do in our Blackheath centre all across the UK, dramatically increasing the number of beneficiaries we reach” Rebecca Packwood, Chief Executive
Association of Air Ambulances Charity“We worked with Eastside Primetimers on a difficult merger and were delighted with the process they used and with the final report.  They worked to a tight timetable that we imposed and met every deadline.  They fulfilled the brief we set and engaged with all of the people/organisations we recommended.  I would use them again and would definitely recommend them to other charities” Liz Campbell, Chair
Community Christmas“Community Christmas were looking for the right organisation to partner with to take our concept to the next level, but we knew that we didn’t have the skills to do this ourselves. Working with Eastside Primetimers enabled us to explore possibilities that we would never have thought of in isolation and added a degree of professionalism and structure to the process. The support we received at all stages of the process was exceptional and everyone was a pleasure to deal with” Caroline Billington, Chief Executive
Disabled Living Foundation (now part of Shaw Trust)“We chose Eastside Primetimers because they have a highly credible track record in advising charities on partnerships and mergers. Their expert advice, negotiation and co-ordination of all parties, together with their experience of the merger process, has been invaluable in steering the DLF Board to reach what I believe will be a truly good outcome for the organisation’s mission far into the future” Paul Baldwin, Chair, Disabled Living Foundation (now trustee, Shaw Trust)
Evolve Housing + Support“Having attended one of their regular merger roundtables to learn about the landscape and explore our options, we chose Eastside Primetimers to help us find the right partner for us, in line with our new business plan. The experience and process they brought to the table enabled us to open up discussions with Grenfell” Jeremy Gray, Chief executive
Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK“As a chief executive with limited experience of mergers, I very much valued working with Eastside Primetimers. They allowed SRUK to tap into a range of expertise, gave us independent and unbiased assessments of the situation and brought to the table their extensive knowledge and insights from supporting previous mergers” Sue Farrington, Chief executive

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