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Eastside Primetimers offers specialist recruitment services for charities and other not-for-profit organisations, including for Board roles. We have been helping organisations find solutions to their charity board recruitment needs, resourcing issues and skill gaps for 15 years. We use our in-depth knowledge of the sector and our extensive networks to help leaders transform their organisation and the lives of their beneficiaries.

Getting the best people for your Board

Recruiting trustees and Chairs is different from regular recruitment:

  • Fewer people are interested in unpaid roles than for regular, paid work – this means the candidate pool is much smaller
  • The reasons why candidates are motivated to take on Board roles are often harder to understand, which can cause uncertainty for less experienced recruiters – how do you place a value on the motivation to put something back or assess their experience?
  • The number of recruitment specialists that are servicing that market are fewer than in the paid employment market

For all these reasons, many organisations struggle to apply the same rigour to Board recruitment, even though the appointment of the right chair Chair or a top-quality trustee can be mission critical for the organisation.

So what have we at Eastside Primetimers learned from 15 years of involvement with trustee and Chair appointments in the charity sector?

  • The importance of having a simple process, applied consistently to all candidates
  • The importance of being just as thorough and professional as you would be with paid recruitment campaigns
  • To spread the net widely so that the process produces a diverse range of candidates

Why use Eastside Primetimers

  • We are charity sector specialists
  • We have been doing Chair, Treasurer and trustee recruitment for the last 15 years and have a track record of success
  • We have met and advised over 1000 senior and experienced individuals actively seeking ways of engaging with charities and social enterprises
  • We are creative and determined
  • We don’t just rely on our talent pool of individuals who we know and will make contact with any network that is likely to bear fruit
  • We are sensibly priced

Our approach 

We believe that the key to effective trustee recruitment is to find ways of identifying networks and organisations that will be in contact with your type of candidate.  In some cases we recommend advertising, but most of the time we can find the right candidates by approaching the right networks.

A typical Board recruitment campaign would include:

  • Establishing a recruitment plan – we will want to agree our plan and timings with you, keeping you informed each step of the way.
  • Agreeing a detailed brief including the job description, person profile, targeting of the campaign, application process and so on
  • Advertising and use of additional networks and search/headhunting techniques
  • Transparent processes that meet equality and diversity guidelines
  • Assessment and evaluation of candidates – we would be the first point of contact for all potential candidates, we will go through the applications and provide you with a shortlist of candidates to interview
  • Facilitating your interview process – we are happy to take part in your interviews to provide support directly or to offer you support to inform your interview format and decisions
  • Assisting with the offer negotiations – we believe we can help to land the candidates. We have found that having an intermediary who can assist with the negotiations on terms, take up of professional references and more can be extremely beneficial
  • After care – we will happily deal with those who have not been successful so that they reflect positively on your organisation

Our Team 

Bernice Rook, our Director of Membership and Resourcing, heads up our Board recruitment service.  Bernice specialises in the human side of organisations and advises on governance issues; board appointments, interim and permanent recruitment.  She is also responsible for recruiting to, nurturing and maintaining the quality of the Eastside Primetimers consultancy talent pool.  Bernice has helped all kinds of businesses to identify gaps and weaknesses in their executive teams and used her extensive experience of leadership resourcing and recruitment to source and secure the right candidates for them. Bernice will be assisted by one of our experienced Board recruitment consultants.

How can we help you?

For more information or to discuss your resourcing needs or recruitment options, contact Bernice Rook on 07973 141 178 or at

River and Rowing Museum“EP’s help in recruiting new trustees for The River and Rowing Museum was invaluable; testing (and improving) the trustee specification, identifying strong candidates and managing the process efficiently.  I recommend them!” Howard Jacobs, Vice Chairperson
Brook“Bernice was a fantastic support when we were recruiting our new Head of Fundraising. She took the time to really understand the role and how it would fit in with the organisation and as result we were presented with an excellent selection of quality candidates. Bernice was supportive throughout the whole recruitment process and I would highly recommend her services to other organisations.” Jo Oxlade, Director of Business Development
Shak (South Hampstead and Kilburn Community Partnership)“Working with Eastside Primetimers was very productive for us. They were professional, efficient and the process has resulted in four new board members and a plan to transform our governance, bringing extra capacity to develop the organisation and sustain benefit for our beneficiaries into the future” John Boyle, Director
Bowel and Cancer Research and BDRF“Following the merger of Bowel & Cancer Research and the Bowel Disease Research Foundation we needed to appoint a Chief Executive to the new organisation. There was a great deal of complexity within our organisations with which Eastside Primetimers were always helpful and patient. They came up with an excellent list of potential candidates from which we eventually appointed one. We are tremendously grateful to them” Paul Reynolds, Chair

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