Charity Permanent Recruitment

Eastside Primetimers offers specialist recruitment services for charities and other not-for-profit organisations, including for permanent roles. We have been helping organisations find solutions to their recruitment needs, resourcing issues and skill gaps for 15 years, using our in-depth knowledge of the sector and our extensive networks to help leaders transform their fortunes and the lives of their beneficiaries.

Why choose Eastside Primetimers?

  • We are charity sector specialists
  • We have been providing permanent recruitment services for the last 15 years
  • We have been giving career advice to individuals who are interested in working with charities for 15 years. In that time, we have met and advised over 1000 senior and experienced individuals who were actively seeking ways of engaging with charities and social enterprises
  • We are creative and determined
  • We don’t just rely on our talent pool of individuals who we know and will make contact with any network that is likely to bear fruit
  • We have a track record of success
  • We are sensibly priced

Our approach 

We generally recommend a combination of targeted advertising and professional search/headhunting techniques when recruiting to permanent roles.  Our approach is bespoke and relationship-based.  We will take the time to get to know your organisation and to understand your needs, so that we are able to act as ambassadors for you throughout the recruitment process.

We can summarise our general process as follows:

  • Establishing a recruitment plan and timescales
  • Agreeing a detailed brief including job description, person specification, salary and application pack – depending on the role, we may recommend that you consider using accredited psychometrics to accurately benchmark the job. This ensures the right strengths, behaviours and soft skills are recognised from the outset and are firmly in place in the candidate brief and advert. We may also want to talk to a range of stakeholders when preparing the candidate brief, such as your senior management team, other staff, trustees or key funders
  • Bespoke advertising and use of networks, search and headhunting – we are selective about the places we advertise and the networks we will approach. We don’t simply rely on advertising, using professional search/headhunting techniques as well to find and approach relevant potential candidates
  • Transparent processes that meet the equality of opportunity test – the process will be clear and transparent to all concerned so that we reach the best possible candidates in a way which is fair to all
  • Interviewing, assessment and evaluation of candidates – we would be the first point of contact for all potential candidates, we will go through the applications, shortlist and carry out the first round of interviews. These would be structured and competency based, focusing on the specific skills, behaviours and characteristics necessary for the role
  • Discussing and presenting shortlisted candidates – we would provide you with a description and our insight on the top candidates from which we would help you to select the frontrunners for your shortlisting interviews
  • Facilitating your interview process – we are happy to advise/help you plan out your interview process, to inform your interview format and decisions
  • Psychometrics assessment – we can undertake a psychometric assessment of your preferred candidate or top two candidates. This provides valuable information which can be used both at the assessment stage of the recruitment process and will also assist in onboarding your chosen candidate
  • Assisting with the offer negotiations – we can help to land your preferred candidate. We have found that having an intermediary to help with negotiations on salary and terms, take up professional references and so on can be extremely beneficial
  • After care – on your behalf we will professionally feed back to those who have not been successful, to reflect positively on your organisation

Our Team 

Bernice Rook, our Director of Membership and Resourcing, heads up our Recruitment Services. Bernice specialises in the human side of organisations and advises on staffing and resourcing issues; governance and board appointments and permanent and interim recruitment.  She is also responsible for recruiting, nurturing and maintaining the quality of the Eastside Primetimers consultancy talent pool.  She previously worked in recruitment for the Vedior Group as Branch Manager at Beresford Blake Thomas and then as regional Resourcing Manager for Randstad.  Having gained a master’s degree in occupational psychology, Bernice has helped all kinds of businesses to identify gaps and weaknesses in their executive teams and used her extensive experience of leadership resourcing and recruitment to source and secure the right candidates for them.

Paul Venning is our lead consultant.  He has an impressive track record and wealth of experience in executive search and human resources consultancy. His primary focus has been on recruitment, retention, organisational design, benchmarking and development of key talent..

Paul and Bernice may be assisted by our in-house research team or other experienced recruitment consultants depending on the requirements of the role.

How can we help you?

For more information or to discuss your resourcing needs or recruitment options, contact Bernice Rook on 020 7250 8337 or at


Brook“Bernice was a fantastic support when we were recruiting our new Head of Fundraising. She took the time to really understand the role and how it would fit in with the organisation and as result we were presented with an excellent selection of quality candidates. Bernice was supportive throughout the whole recruitment process and I would highly recommend her services to other organisations.” Jo Oxlade, Director of Business Development

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