Interim Management

Interim Management is a great recruitment option for charities and other not-for-profit organisations who need senior-level talent at short notice, but also want flexibility. At Eastside Primetimers we have a substantial record of appointing to leadership and change management roles on an interim basis, and have seen the impact finding the right interim resource can have.

What roles can we provide?

Via our extensive networks of experienced and proven leaders across the UK, we can provide that expertise within a few days. We cover the full spectrum of interim resource needs. typical roles include:

  • CEO
  • Director
  • Head of Fundraising, HR, or Marketing
  • Change Manager/Head of Transformation
  • Programme/Project Manager

Why bring in an Interim Manager?

As well as traditional uses for interim – such as filling a gap in recruitment whilst you wait for your new employee to start, covering maternity/paternity leave, or covering for sabbaticals or long-term sickness absence – you may also consider bringing in an interim manager to:

  • Manage a period of change in your organisation
  • Bring in new skills, experience or expertise on a flexible basis
  • Get a new project or idea off the ground
  • Tender for a contract, write a bid or implement a new contract quickly
  • Manage a re-organisation or restructure
  • Project manage a merger or partnership

What are the benefits of Interim Management?

  • You gain a wealth of knowledge and expertise to tackle a problem where there is no suitable professional resource in-house
  • A new and objective point of view
  • Interim Managers can concentrate on the job in hand, as they won’t be distracted by day-to-day issues and office politics
  • The long-lasting value of skills learnt – a good Interim Manager will ensure an effective transfer of skills to your team
  • There are no hidden costs – you only pay for the days an Interim Manager works, so this can be a cost-effective way of accessing experienced, high-calibre professionals who deliver a flexible recruitment option

How can we help you?

For more information or to discuss your resourcing needs or recruitment options, contact Bernice Rook on 07973 141178 or at


The Duke of Edinburgh's“I have been really impressed with the service EP have offered us re: temp recruitment – Alice did a great job as interim fundraising director and was a real asset to our organisation in the time she was with us – thankyou!” Caroline Glen, Director of Fundraising
Talkback“With Eastside Primetimers, we went from identifying the need for an interim Finance Director to finding a good candidate in a space of two weeks. Very high level of customer focus and they got it right for us” Jeremy Hay, Chief Executive
The Arvon Foundation“David Lawrence has done a wonderful job as Interim FD for us at the Arvon Foundation. He had the right skills, knowledge and expertise to resolve many issues that Arvon was facing and his warm, charming personality made him a great cultural fit too. He was a great ambassador for Eastside Primetimers and I would not hesitate to use your services again, should the need ever arise” Dr Judith Abbott, Trustee

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