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Example scenarios:

Your organisation’s strategy is being reviewed or developed and you are keen to clarify how some of its goals can be achieved using digital that is squarely targeted on them.

You want tangible digital objectives defined with what they look like as projects with the steps, resources and outcomes needed to deliver them feasibly. This supports a solid business case and planning with everyone aligned behind them.

Steps we take:

Step 1: In this scenario, we would review your strategy and goals together to identify your digital priorities and the business case to be made.

Step 2: We would use a balanced scorecard and strategy map to connect your goals to identified digital objectives and link them to a relevant perspective like financial, impact, organisational or customer. Setting clear connections between strategy and digital objectives is essential for alignment.

Step 3: We assess your digital capabilities by interviewing stakeholders and reviewing documents and assets with our capability map. It would identify your readiness and gaps in the areas that need addressing to meet desired objectives. This current state will make sure we can plan the correct activities to build the necessary capability for your objectives to ensure they are feasible and viable in terms of time, resources and costs.

Step 4: A series of digital projects would be defined in terms of outcome, resources, time, activities and indicative cost benefits.

Step 5: These projects will then be placed on a timeline with a logical sequence to accommodate availability, budgets, funding and technical feasibility as a roadmap indicating the direction from now to a series of staged milestones that deliver incremental benefits along the way.

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