In the course of our work advising Charity and other non-profit organisations’ Leaders on Governance issues, we know Trustee Recruitment is a common problem. Bernice Rook is a Governance and Board Recruitment specialist with Eastside Primetimers. Here she sets out Eastside Primetimers’ Top Tips for high quality Trustee Recruitment, based on our extensive track record of success in the area.

1. Agree and Plan the Process

There is a lot of work involved in any recruitment process and planning it from the start is key. Appoint  someone to manage the process once it has been agreed.

2. Diversity of Skills and Experience

Identify  the skills and experience your board lacks and focus on those when looking for new trustees BUT don’t be too specific or you may run the risk of failing to find anyone!

3. Search Widely

It can be difficult to find trustees, particularly for small charities, and it is tempting to look to people you know, but advertising your vacancy and looking more widely is more likely to bring you the best candidates. There are a number of ways you can promote your vacancy e.g. many job website will advertise unpaid roles free of charge, ask your networks to spread the word, contact your local volunteer centre.

4. Clear Communication

Communicate to potential candidates how the trustee recruitment process will be run and what your timescales are. When discussing the role with potential candidates ensure that both you and they are clear about expectations, both yours and theirs. We occasionally hear of new trustees leaving not long after they have been taken on and this is often because the parameters of the role weren’t communicated clearly and expectations don’t match up.

5. Provide a Good Induction process

This will help your new trustee to feel welcome and will encourage commitment. It will help them to settle quickly into their role and start to add value from the outset.

6. Make Use of External Advisors

Recruiting the right trustee is an investment in your organisation’s success, not a cost to be borne, so don’t be afraid to use external advisors. They will save you a lot of hard work and unnecessary risk.

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