We are pleased to share Book Aid International’s new strategy, which the team at Eastside Primetimers helped to facilitate.

Eastside Primetimers provides a full social enterprise and charity strategy service that is adapted to your business model, the size of your organisation, how long your organisation has been operating and your external environment.

As more and more organisations undertake thorough reviews of their approach in order to adapt to a post-COVID 19 world, we have developed tools and resources to help, including online facilitators, video briefings, stakeholder engagement and project management tools.

While bombs fall on Ukraine it might be hard to imagine the power of books but when the rebuilding happens – as it surely will – we will need organisations like Book Aid International to be ready with resources, books and educational infrastructure.

If you’re interested either in books as a developmental tool and/or strategy development for not-for profits, you will certainly want to read this.

Their strategy starts by acknowledging the role they can play in a time of conflict where displacement is increasing – 82.4 million were forcibly displaced in 2021. Their goals are ambitious but also rooted in pragmatism, identifying how/where their books can best be used, and then challenging themselves with measurable KPIs.

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